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yes you can

you just cant use them in official duels(such as tournaments)

only in street duels were you wont get kicked out or lose right away because of

a banned card, i dont play in tournaments cuz half my deck is illegal

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Q: Can you still play with banned Yu-Gi-Oh cards?
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What game should I let's play Medabots Metabee Version or Yugioh the Sacred cards?

You should play the Medabots Metabee Version and not Yugioh the Sacred cards cause it is less fun.

Can you play god cards in yugioh gx spirit caller?

no you cant

Can you play an imitation game of Yugioh using regular bicycle playing cards?

yes you can

What is the action replay code to play forbidden cards in yugioh gx spirit caller?

there is no such a code... sucks

What yugioh cards bring back cards that have been removed from play backto your hand?

Necroface. D.D.R.-return from a different dimension. and Dimensional distortion.

What are the three rare cards in yugioh slither the sky dragon and what?

Are you talking about the Egyptian God Cards? There are three, Slifer The Sky Dragon, The Winged Dragon Of Ra, and Obelisk The Tormentor. They are not playable in the actual Card Game, but they are collectible cards. Well in my opinion the Egyptian god cards are so rare, yet so good that they could be banned from it, just like Raigeki, Mirror Force, Exodia (maybe) and more. But they're still really rare that people like to collect them, not play the game.

Yugioh 1 if you have dimension fortress weapon face up on the field can anyone play cards like lightsworn?


Beside burial from a different dimension. Any Yugioh card that dumps removed from play cards to the graveyard?

The following lists cards that allow a player to return removed from play cards to the Graveyard:Burial from a Different DimensionMiracle DigFortune's FutureDoomsday Horror

In Yugioh If imperial order is in play would thousand eyes restrict still gain a monsters attack after the trap was played you understanding both cards are banned?

Yes, for 2 reasons * The equipped card doesn't become a spell card, just an equip card without specification * The effect of thousand eyes restrict not the equipped card increases your attack and defense.

What are banned Pokemon cards and whyare they banned?

Theres many reasons but the biggest one is because people belive that pokemon is linked to the devil..

What are legendary six samurai?

The legendary Six Samurai are a new archtype in the yugioh card game world that are coming out in the storm of ragnarok booster pack coming out feburary,9,2011 if you play yugioh with six samurais you should get these cards

What is a use of ban card?

A ban card in advance tournament is almost useless but from time to time, UDE changes the list for you to use them again. However, in traditional tournament, you are allowed to use ban cards but you still have to follow the limited and semilimited list. For Egyptian god cards, there are not made to play in Yugioh tournaments due to their powerful strength. It's basically just made for marketting a collection for Yugioh Fan collectors.