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You have to 2 memory cards, which decks already configured, then select 2 player mode, pick your stage or if you have a premade stage you can use that, selet whether or not you want the players cards to be showing and then your good to do

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Q: How do you play yugioh duelist of the roses for 2 players?
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How do you play two players with your friend or brother on yugioh duelist of roses?

I need help

Yu-gi-oh The Duelist of the Roses how to play tow player?

To play two player in Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Of The Roses, have 2 save games and put both memory cards in the ps2. Then go to "Custom Duel".

What are the yu gi oh duelist of the roses cheat's for exodia?

I think you should show this code because of the people who don't know how to play

Yugioh the eternal duelist soul gameshark codes?

yes, you can. go on youtube an type the game name and ''god card'' after it, you'll find a video with a link in it. download that little file on that site and you can play with the gods!! x3

How can you play Yugioh?

The rules are here:

Are there any Yu-Gi-Oh girl players in Little Rock Arkansas?

I wanna start a yugioh club in little rock to meet up every week or so to just play and hang out, but also for boys to. i just wanna meet some yugioh girls :3

What game should I let's play Medabots Metabee Version or Yugioh the Sacred cards?

You should play the Medabots Metabee Version and not Yugioh the Sacred cards cause it is less fun.

How do you qualify to play in the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament?

Well, to start things off, I am a professional duelist that has made it to the World Champs 2 times. First: You have to be VERY good at dueling because the TOP 16 are the only ones that make it to the FINALS. Next: There are to sites that I can show you that will get you started: AND

How do you win Yugioh?

Knowing the game well and how to play it is a key to winning Yugioh. Also, having a good deck and using strategy helps.

Can you play god cards in yugioh gx spirit caller?

no you cant

Is there a rule in Yugioh that lets me shuffle my hand if i can't play a card from it?

No, there isn't.

Is Yugioh nightmare troubadour only for DS lite or can you play it on the DSi?

You could play it on both. Any DS game can play on your DSi