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On the contrary, You can. When you talk to Dawn's sister and she says a Pokemon that you already have, all you have got to do is to set the DS clock to 23:59 and run about till 00:00. Then talk to her again. She will tell a different Pokemon than last time. This works for sure.

PS. You can keep on doing this until you have all the Pokemon that she says.

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Q: Can you speed up the time then will dawn's sister say where larvitar is in Pokemon platinum?
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Can you catch larvitar in Pokemon platinum?

you can catch a larvitar on route 206 if dawns sister says you can.

Where do you find larvitar Pokemon platinum?

its a swarm, you have to check dawns house everyday. talk to her sister and she will tell you where the daily swarm is.

Were is dawns sister?

southwest of Pokemon research lab in sandgem-platinum

How do you get krabby in platinum?

you have to ask dawns sister

How do you catch a larvitar in pearl?

ask dawns sister and once she'll say route 207 bunch of larvitar but only wen she says this they'll be there

How do you catch larvitar in pearl?

ask dawns sister and once she'll say route 207 bunch of larvitar but only wen she says this they'll be there

Where to get beldum in Pokemon platinum?

if you talk to dawns sister she will tell you were you can find a Pokemon she will say there is a beldum on some route you can only talk to her once a day

Where do you find dawns little sister in Pokemon fire red?

in dawns house

Where is dawns little sister in Pokemon diamond?

Dawns little sister is in Sandgem Town. Dawns house is just below the Pokemon center and the lab. (It's the biggest house there) She'll be inside neer Dawns Grandfather.Dawn's kid sister is in Dawn's house in sandgem city ( the biggest house there).

Where do you catch doduo in Pokemon platinum?

talk to dawns sister in sangem town,she might say there are doduo at route 201 dawn or lucasue which there one ( i have lucasue)

Where to find larvitar in Pokemon Platinum?

you can ask someone for a larvitar on wi fi. if you don't have the Pokemon entry for larvitar then try this. If you have an entry for tyrantar got to the global trading center in jubilife. Ask for a female tyranitar. after you got the tyranitar got to solaceon town. deposit your tyranitar at the daycare and then deposit any male Pokemon. walk around for awile then change then talk to the man in the front he will give you a egg with larvitar. Good Luck OR the much simpler option and less time consuming is to use the poke radar in the north part of route 210 or speaking with dawns little sister about the swarms, she might tell you about a swarm of larvitar in a certain route which will allow a much simpler find of them

What Pokemon can you find using the pokeradar in Pokemon Diamond?

the Pokemon that dawns little sister tells you