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First thing you need is to go and get some commercial grade clear packing tape, Then you need hard type clear cellophane the kind used for crumpled party favors, a hairdryer, a nontoxic glue stick, q-tips or cotton balls, and some petroleum jelly (unscented) the kind with alcohol as it will need to evaporate the excess. You will need to lay out the cellophane like your wrapping a present only overlapping ma-by 1/2 an inch on all sides be sure to crease it so you can match it up after. Now using a Q-tip or a cotton ball dampen it so the petroleum jelly wont stick to it. spread it evenly all over the cellophane about 1/2 a mill thick all over, this will allow for a perfect alignment when sealing. Now clean the box with Rubbing alcohol and cheese cloth to remove any lint or dust. Place the box carefully onto the cellophane. Line up all the creases and use a piece of the packing tape to temporary hold it in place. Use a glue stick and run it down the seams wiping off the excess with a tissue. Make sure all seams are as snug as possible and now using a hair dryer (a heat gun is too hot) with the heat on low blow the box till it seals and shrinks up nice and tight. This may take a few minutes to work as you wont want to melt the cellophane. Wipe it down return it and Enjoy

Now that works good if you were foolish enough to take the original cellophane off in the first place.. If you take a good look at an unopened video game, the right side of the box has a weak spot in the seal. If you carefully press on it you can unseal the cellophane without destroying it.. Then take a butter-knife and carefully run it along the side so you can get just enough space to open the

box without messing up the cellophane. If you are careful enough you will be able to get the disc out of the box, then you can reseal the box making it seem as it was never opened... Either use a hair dryer, or try my favorite method which involves heating up a butter-knife on your stove-top.. Once the knife is hot you can run it against the right side of the box and it will seal wonderfully...

Now its up to you... Take the wrap off and then have to take all the bothersome work of getting new shrink-wrap and lining all of that up perfectly, or just use my method... Hell you can even return the box to the store for a full refund without putting the disc back in.. (Tho if you have moral issues with doing that its easy enough to put the disc back in the box before you reseal it...) Good luck and enjoy your free, or very cheap new game!

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Q: Can you reseal a video game to make it look like it was never opened?
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