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No, at least not according to what I've heard, and I've never found a way except deleting my entire save file.

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Q: Can you rename your rival in Pokemon diamond?
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Where to battle prinplup in Pokemon diamond?

Your rival.

What team does your rival have on the second rival battle on Pokemon diamond?

It matters what starter you choose

Where do you battle your second rival in Pokemon diamond?

You only have one rival (or do you mean the second time you battle your rival?)

Where can you face an Infernape without going to the Pokemon league in Pokemon diamond?


How do you rename your Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

There is a building next to the POKeMART in Eterna City. Talk to the old man at the table in there and he'll rate your nickname and/or let you name or rename it.

What happens when you beat your rival Pokemon diamond?

he gives you $6400!

What is the name of the rival in Pokemon diamond and Pearl?

anything you want

Where do you get the itemfinder on Pokemon diamond?

you talk 2 your rival and she/he gives you one

How do you see all the stater Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

your rival will have one and so will you. A trainer will have the last one.

Where is the name delete in Pokemon diamond or pearl?

there is no such thing as the name deleter but there is a person in eterna who will rename your Pokemon and in canalave there is the move deleter.

Best Pokémon team on Pokémon Diamond?

mainly its your rival inpokemon platinum but Cynthia on Pokemon diamond and pearl

Who is zoey in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Zoey is the girl from the Diamond/Pearl tv show who becomes Dawn's rival. She is a Pokemon coordinator at the Pokemon contests. Zoey is not in the games, however.