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anything you want

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Q: What is the name of the rival in Pokemon diamond and Pearl?
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What did you name your rival on pkmn pearlI just want to know?

I Named Mines Barry On Pokemon Pearl And On Pokemon Diamond James And On Pokemon Platinum MichaelJ

In PokΓ©mon diamound and preal what are puals PokΓ©mon?

paul does not exist in Pokemon diamond or pearl its just who you name ur friend (rival)

Do Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have the same region names?

Yes, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl's region name is Sinnoh Region.

How do you get Michael Jackson on Pokemon Pearl?

Unfortunatly, you can't get 'Michael Jackson' on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, unless you wish to nick-name your Pokemon Michael, Jackson or MichaelJackson or call your player Michael and call your rival Jackson or the opposite way.

What did you name your rival on Pokemon pearl... l just wanted to know?


What is the the name of the next Pokemon show?

After Pokemon Diamond and Pearl there will be Pokemon Battle Dimension.

Is there chansys in pearl?

Yes, and No. You Can find the Pokemon Chansey, But there are no Pokemon by the name of Chansy capturable on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum versions.

What is the name of episode 3 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The name of the 3rd Episode in Diamond and Pearl was called "When Pokémon Worlds Collide!"

What is the name of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl theme song?

Stand Up

How do you get to Springfield in Pokemon Pearl?

I am sorry to tell you, but there is no such place as Springfield in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. Perhaps you are confusing it with the name of another place.

What is dawn's mom's name from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

her mother is called Johanna.

What is the action replay code for changing your rival's name in Pokemon Diamond?

sorry...i don't think there is one