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There's really no way.

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Q: Can you put English subtitles on Japanese psp games?
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Can you get English subtitles in Japanese psp games?


Can you play us PSP games on a Japanese PSP?

I think those US PSP games are actually Japanese games translated to American English. And all PSPs are japanese, so it should work just fine.

Can you buy English games from the PlayStation store on a Japanese PSP and while in Japan?


Are there English subtitles in Naruto accel3 for psp?

Nope, Unfortunatly.... Although Their Is Subtitles In The Original English Game Called, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3

Can you play Japanese PSP games in a PSP that you bought from Portugal?

yes all psp games works on every psp

Can you play Japanese PSP games on the American PSP?


Can you play Japanese PSP games in a PSP that you bought in Portugal?


Are their any dating simulation games for girls on psp in English?

There are no dating simulation games for girls on PSP in English

Can English games play multiplayer with Japanese games... for games like dissidia?

If it's a MMO yes and if its a PSP game no. since PSP games have a protection for that, the PSPs bandwidth is only 124KB/s and Internet decays fast over a connection to Asia

How can you download Japanese games to psp?

To access the Japanese PSN, you need to register an account on PC, on the Japanese PSN site, and connect to the PSN on the PSP with that account.

Are there any bleach games for psp in English?

No, as of 2014 there are not any Bleach games for the PSP console in English. These games can be played on the Nintendo DS and PS2.

Do the Japanese PSP games work on all PSP?

They only work on American Psp's because they are off the same region.