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Yes but if there is a game for Japaneses and English you can save Japaneses games with Englishes data,all PSP can play PSP game Englishes or Japanese.
PSP games are region free, any PSP game will work on any PSP.

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Yes they say it does play American UMD games but not UMD videos. Here is alink to a recent question of the sort.


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Q: Can you play American games on an Japanese psp?
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Can you play Japanese PSP games on the American PSP?


Can you play us PSP games on a Japanese PSP?

I think those US PSP games are actually Japanese games translated to American English. And all PSPs are japanese, so it should work just fine.

Can you play Japanese PSP games in a PSP that you bought in Portugal?


Can you play Japanese PSP games in a PSP that you bought from Portugal?

yes all psp games works on every psp

Can a Japanese psp play us games?

yes you douche

Do the Japanese PSP games work on all PSP?

They only work on American Psp's because they are off the same region.

Are PSP UMD games are region free?

Yes, from experience i have played games on my PSP from China and Europe. The only differences between releases are (generally): art, language and rating system.

Can you play American PSP games on a Australian PSP console?

As far as I know yes.

Do British PSP games play in American PSP players?

Yes. A game from ant country can play in a psp. its just the same as PS2

Can you play American games on an Europe psp?

Yes you can, the games are region free.

Can you play PS3 games on PSP?

No the PSP will not play PS3 games

Can you play PS2 games on your PSP?

No the PSP can not play PS2 games