Can a Japanese psp play us games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes you douche

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Q: Can a Japanese psp play us games?
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Can you play us PSP games on a Japanese PSP?

I think those US PSP games are actually Japanese games translated to American English. And all PSPs are japanese, so it should work just fine.

Can you play games bought in japan on a us bought psp?

Yes you can play those games on a US psp. The only difference is that you use the "O" button to exit to the home screen and to select ok.....And of course its in japanese.

Will a us version PSP game work in an Indian PSP?

There is no India branded psp and the Indian PSP is most likely Japanese (like the one I got from China!) and yes it can play all us games. There is no area lock on most games.

Bought a PSP in Portugal and wanted to know if Japanese PSP games worked on it?

Yes it will.It does not matter where you bought your pspI bought mine in Newcastle England and I play games from the US and Japan they're all working : )

Can you play Japanese PS3 games on the us PS3?

Japanese games can play on American consoles, vice versaONLY.

Can you play psp games bought in US and UK in Indian bought psp slim?

i do know that you can play iso's of any region on a us psp slim. if that helps any

Can a us Playstation Vita download Japanese psp games from the Japanese e-shop and how?

No. The eShop is a service provided to the Nintendo 3DS. It is not available on the Vita.

Can you watch psp films bought in the UK on an American bought psp?

No, while PSP games are region free, the UMD movies are not. A UK UMD movie will not play on a US PSP.

Are PSPs and PSP games regionalized?

PSP consoles and games have regions, but the games are not region locked, you can play a game from the US on a console from the UK, for example. Movies however are region locked and can only be played on a PSP from the same region.

How do you play Japanese video games on US systems?

you don't.

Can you download US PS3 game to an Japanese PS3?

I dont know if you could DOWNLOAD US ps3 games to a japanese ps3, but you CAN play US ps3 disk games on a japanese ps3.

How do you play Japanese games on a US ps2?

Buy a japaneze game! I meant after you've bought a Japanese game what kind of freeload/software is there that lets you play imported-Japanese games?