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Yes, but only to play system link xbox games that are compatible on the 360 (like Halo, Halo 2 and the like) but not to play system link on games that are on both (Battlefield 2 Modern Combat) using one 360 version and one Xbox version

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Q: Can you link an Xbox with an Xbox 360?
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Can you link an Xbox 360 slim with an Xbox 360 arcade?

no you wish

How do you link an Xbox with Xbox 360?

you don't need too, you can use xbox games on xbox 360

What Xbox games can be played on the Xbox 360 console?

well on the Microsoft xbox 360 website there is a link showing all xbox games playable on the xbox 360 lemme just get the link... i ll just be a sec ok i found out that everyday a few xbox games are being added to compatibilty for xbox 360 and here is the link:

Can you system link 2 Xbox 360's and Xbox live?

No... you can't.

Xbox 360 specifications?

See the link below.

What is system link on Xbox 360?

its when you have a special wire that goes from xbox-xbox and you can play with ther consoles

Which company manufactures Xbox and Xbox 360?

See The Related Link for information on The Creator of XBOX, which is Microsoft.

Link two xbox 360 together?

Yes its called system link

Can you use Xbox games for Xbox 360?

some xbox games are conpatible with xbox 360, here is a link the official xbox website where it tells you what games are conpatible with it.

Do plain Xbox games games work on an Xbox 360?

Only some Xbox games work on Xbox 360. The link below shows which ones.

What are all of the features of the Xbox 360?

Click on the link to your right for features.

Can you system link far cry 3 Xbox 360?