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What do you mean by this? If you simply mean have minecraft on more then one computer then of course you can. As long as you have a valid account you can download minecraft onto any computer.

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Q: Can you have Minecraft software on multiple computers?
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Which edi provider will complete hosting software for multiple computers?

DiCentral is a edi provider will complete hosting software for multiple computers, You can get Complete EDI Services & Software as Low as $30 a Month Plan at

Can you login into multiple computers on minecraft?

Yes, but only 1 of the computers can actually be online (like being on a multiplayer server).

How does server work?

A server is a computer that provides services to multiple other computers. For instance, it provides the software for multiple remote computers to use. It also is a repository for shared files.

How many times can you install Rosetta stone?

Rosetta Stone language education software can be installed on multiple computers in a single household for personal use only. Loading the software on multiple computers not in your household is a violation of their licensing agreement and is not allowed.

Where can I check out software reviews?

You can check out software reviews online. There are multiple websites that sell multiple kinds of computers. Just look for the computer that you are interested in and there will be reviews listed underneath.

How do you copy Microsoft Word?

If you intend to copy the software itself you pretty much can't do that. You can install the software on multiple computers if you have A COPY of MS Word and a product key which can be used multiple times.

Is a legal agreement that permits users to install software on multiple computers usually at a volume discount?

network license

Can you only play minecraft on the computer you installed it on?

In a sense, yes, but in another sense, no. You do not need to install Minecraft to play it on a computer, you can simply run it in your internet browser on However, if you want to run Minecraft without an internet connection, or without visiting, you must install Minecraft on your computer. You can install Minecraft on multiple computers under the same account, but your saved worlds will not sync between computers.

How do you switch computers for Minecraft?

There is currently no way to switch computers automatically. To switch computers, close Minecraft on one computer and open it in another.

What is a multiple license?

A "Multiple License" allows a piece of software to be distributed amongst a network so only one piece of software has to be bought, and can be installed on all computers. A "Single License" allows it to be installed on only one computer.

What are the uses of software in computers?

Everything. All that is done with computers requires software.

Can you get minecraft for the computer?

Yes, Minecraft is readily available for computers on their website.