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try cute pet games on

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Q: Can you go to websites to play games like Happy Pets and not Facebook?
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Is there a game that I can play on Facebook that I can take care of pets?

yea many actually a favorite of mine is the happy aqarium and happy pets and zoo kingdom great games!

How do you buy insta grow on happy pets facebook?

how do you do insta grow on happy pets

What are the games on Facebook?

Petville, Yoville, Fishville, Farmville, Cafe World, Tiki Farm, Happy Pets All of these are games where you have to take care of for example taking care of pets.

How do you get the happy aquarium tank on happy pets?

Play happy pets & Happy aquarium on the same Facebook account and it should work.

What is happy pets?

Happy Pets is a game on facebook where you adopt and take care of pets, you feed them, pet them and watch them grow!

Happy pets on Facebook?

Happy Pets is a game on Facebook where you can adopt pets, earn coins and take care of them. Right now, you can adopt cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, rabbits, ferrets, and a lot of other varieties of different pets. Unlike some other games, on Happy Pets your pets do not die ever. You have to feed them and change heir litter boxes to keep them happy. You can pet them, train them, and also make them mate with each other. Happy pets is a very fun game and I play it all the time.

How do you take a photo in happy pets on facebook?

You don't because nobody really cares about "Happy Pets"

What are some facebook games?

Farmville,crazy taxi, happy pets ect. theres soo much almost anything.!

How do you marry your happy pets on facebook?

You dont marry your pets, you just mate them.

Is there a version of Happy Pets that isn't on Facebook?


How many levels are there in Happy Pets on Facebook?


Is there an you OS equivalent or similar game to Happy Pets on Facebook?

Happy Aquarium.