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Q: Can you give me a list of kk rider songs?
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How do you give kk slider a guitar?

Once he has played you one of his songs you need to talk to him again and he will ask for it in exchange for 'KK sliders pic'

Is it safe to download karaoke songs from


Animal crossing wild world why do the credits roll when KK slider plays songs?

there is no end to the game so the only place to place the credits is during kk songs.

Were can you go to find the supply list?

The Supply List? That's easy. Any website that is credible will give a great supply list and will provide you every hing you need plus a supply list. KK?

Where can you get Tamil songs for your phone?

the best place to get free and quality Tamil songs for phone is at:

Downloading free Tamil latest songs?

u can download latest Tamil songs at :

How do you download Tamil songs form the net and from which website i can do it?

u can download latest Tamil songs at :

Find the website Tamil mp3 songs download?

u can download latest Tamil songs at :

How do you give kk slider the folk guitar?

Go to and type in 'KK Slider Folk Guitar'.

As a result of the dred Scott decision the was declared unconstitutional?

i dont give a s**t kk

Who is th best singer of Bollywood KK or sonunigam?

K.K. and Sonu both are brilliant singers. There is no comparison between the two. They both have sung a huge number of songs.

When does KK come in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

K.K Slider comes on Saturday nights to perform songs.