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Q: Can you get the flame orb on Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get the blue orb and red orb at Pokemon emerald?

you cant

Is there a life orb in Pokemon Emerald?

You can´t find it on Emerald

What is flame orb for in Pokemon Diamond?

The Flame Orb burns the user, and Burn lowers the attack of a Pokemon by one stage. This can be to your advantage, as you can some how give the Flame Orb you are holding to opponent, such as a Lopunny with Klutz and uses the move Switcheroo.

Red orb and blue orb Pokemon emerald?

the red orb gives you the chance to catch groudon and the blue orb gives you the chance to catch kyorge.

Were do you find the blue orb in Pokemon fire red?

The blue orb is only in ruby and sapphire and emerald not firered.

Where do you get the move flame body in Pokemon emerald?

Flame Body is not a move, it is an ability.

Where do you get flame orb on pokemon pearl?

Battle Park, 16 battle points.

How do you get the orb from Team Magma on Pokemon Emerald?

You don't get the orb from Team Magma or Aqua. Its unobtainable in game , but you can use Gameshark

How do you get rayquzza in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you need a gba game like Pokemon sapphire,ruby or emerald to transfer or....... when you have received a kyogre (sp?)(which you have to trade with a friend form heartgold) while using the blue orb and a groudon with a red orb, then professor oaky will give you an emerald orb. use that in the tower where you got groudon, and there you go.

How do you get the red orb in Pokemon emerald?

you give me ten dollars if you dare change my answer you will pay and i mean pay!

Where can you get a flame body in Pokemon emerald?

you can find flame body on slugma found in Fiery Path near route 112

Where do you get the red orb Pokemon emerald?

You don't get it, after you beat the game visit Mt pyre and Archie will be giving it back.