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Groudon is a Ground type legendary Pokemon and the mascot of Pokemon Ruby. It can only be found in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Emerald, and in Pokemon SoulSilver is the player obtains a Red Orb.

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Q: Is Groudon in Pokemon Gold
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Where is Groudon on Pokemon Gold?

Groudon is not obtainable on Pokemon gold. For more information on Pokemon visit

How do you get Groudon in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You have to trade with someone that has Groudon.

Can someone trade Groudon for you in Pokemon heart gold?

You can get Groudon in it since you can get him in diamond. et

How to get Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is no way to get groudon in heart gold except by cheating or trading.

How do you catch Groudon in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Groudon doesn't appear in Pokemon Heart Gold, but in Soul Silver, it appears where Kyogre would in the Hidden Tower.

Can you get a Goudon in Pokemon Gold?

if you're talking about groudon then no.

Can you get a groudon in Pokemon HeartGold?

No. You cannot get groudon in Pokemon heart gold. The only way to get one is by trading from Soul Silver

How do you find a Groudon on heartgold?

You get Groudon in Pokemon Heart Gold by trading with somebody who's found Groudon in Soul Silver. You can't find Groudon in Heart Gold, you find Kyogre. Soul Silver players find Groudon.

Pokemon Platinum how to get Groudon?

if you have action replay you will get to pick a pokemon so groudon is a hard pokemon you need the red orb for groudon on pokemon soul silver version or pokemon heart gold version but use action replay on pokemon pearl,diamond,platinum

How do you get the gold colored Groudon costume in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

you dont

Can you catch Groudon on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't in heart gold but you can migrate it or trade it.

Where do you catch Groudon in heart gold?

you can't you can only get it in Pokemon soul silver

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