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you can find flame body on slugma found in Fiery Path near route 112

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Q: Where can you get a flame body in Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get the move flame body in Pokemon emerald?

Flame Body is not a move, it is an ability.

Where do you get flame body on Pokemon Pearl?

well first off flame body is not an hm or TM so you cant find it anywhere. but flame body is an ability i migrated a slugma from Pokemon emerald and it had flame body. i use flame body to hatch all my Pokemon eggs half as fast.

Can you get the flame orb on Pokemon emerald?


What level does slugma learn flame body on emerald?

It is not a move it is an ability, it always will have flame body.

On Pokemon emerald how do you get flame body?

Go to Fiery Path (nearby Lavaridge) and catch a Slugma. Its ability will be Flame Body or Magma Armor. (I assume you want Flame Body to make eggs hatch faster, Magma Armor also has this effect.)

What Pokemon has the ability flame body?

the Pokemon that have flame body are mostly magmar,torcoal or slugma

Where to get the TM Flame Body in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Flame Body is not a TM. Flame Body is an ability, it is not an attack either.

Witch Pokemon has a flame body?

The Pokemon that has the POKE POWER flame body is Magmar which you can get either from Pokemon platinum or by transfer from Pokemon fire red

Where to get the TM Flame Body in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Flame Body is a Pokemon ability, so it is not a TM. Flame Body is not a move either. The Pokemon that have this ability are: Magby Magmar Magmortar Slugma Magcargo

How do you hatch the egg in pokemon emerald?

in every Pokemon game to hatch eggs you just walk a lot with it in your party. if you have a Pokemon with the ability magma armor or flame body it will take less steps.

Is emboar a flame body pokemon?

No, it's ability isn't Flame Body or is it classified as that.

Which Pokemon learn flame body?

i am confident that slugma and magcargo can have flame body in fiery path

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