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Yes you can

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Q: Can you get moshi mash up cards from Asda?
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Do tesco sell moshi monsters mash up cards?

It depends on which kind of cards you are asking about. ASDA does sell Moshi Monster Time Cards (for paid membership on Moshi Monsters) in their stores. You have to ask at the counter for the Time Cards. However, there is no information that shows ASDA sells Moshi Monster Mash Up cards.

When were moshi monsters mash up cards created?

Moshi Monsters Mash Up Cards were released in late 2010.

Where is mash up in Moshi Monsters?

You buy the Moshi Mash Up cards in stores and from the Moshi Monsters Online Shop.

How many cards are in a pack of Moshi Mash Up Cards?

Each pack of Moshi Mash Up cards contains 6 cards, including 1 Secret Code Card.

Can you buy moshi mash up cards in Singapore?

I think you can. look on eBay and were it says to put what you want write mash up cards on moshi monsters

What are moshi monster trading cards called?

Moshi Monsters trading cards are called "Moshi Monsters Mash Up Trading Cards".

How many moshi monsters cards are there to collect?


How many cards are in moshi monsters top trumps?

There are 100s of Moshi Mash Up cards to collect.

How many moshi mash up cards are there to collect precisely?

There is no way to give a precise answer because they continue to add new cards to the Moshi Mash Up Cards. The Moshi Monster Online Store says "100's".

How much cards do you get in moshi mash up packs?

You get 6 cards in the packs.

Who makes moshi monster mash up cards?

The cards are made by Topps.

Can you get Moshi Monsters Mash Up cards at tesco west end lane?

yes that do sell moshi monsters mash up card's