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You can't get mods on the Xbox 360 because it can't download mods at all.

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Q: Can you get minecraft mods on xbox360 edition?
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How do you get Pokemon on Minecraft xbox360 edition?

To get Pokemon in Minecraft you must get the Pixelmon mod, but sense you currently cannot install mods in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, it is impossible to get Pokemon in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

Is herobrine in minecraft xbox360 edition?

No. No he isn't.

Can you get mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition?


Can you craft a creeper in minecraft Xbox360 edition?

not yet

When is the update for minecraft xbox360 edition?

It should be coming this summer.

How many mods does Minecraft Xbox 360 edition have?


Is Minecraft on xbox360?

They are making a minecraft for XBOX360 and kinect. How ever there is a simular game to minecraft for the XBLA (Arcade) called Fortress Craft.

Is there going to be marvel skin pack on Minecraft Xbox360 edition?

Yer there is

What famous people play minecraft xbox360 edition?

Chuck Norris

How do you mod the iPod Minecraft?

Sorry, but if you are talking about Minecraft Pocket Edition than you can use mods.

How can you change a mob spawner in minecraft whithout mods?

that depends on the version and edition of minecraft you are playing.

Why does your xbox360 freeze when I try and go to the Nether on Minecraft Xbox360 Edition?

Because your xbox can't handle the lag.