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No it doesn't not even pc or iPod edition it is considered a myth in minecraft. I know this because i asked the same question.

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Q: Does Minecraft xbox360 edition have herobrine?
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Is herobrine in minecraft xbox360 edition?

No. No he isn't.

Is there a herobrine in Minecraft xbox360?

Herobrine is not real and has never been real in any edition of Minecraft, or in any version of any edition. Anyone that tells you he is real is lying, and Notch did confirm that in a certain tweet on his Twitter, which you may find quoted on the Herobrine page on the Minecraft Wiki.

Is herobrine in the Xbox 360 edition of minecraft after update?

Herobrine has never been in Minecraft, any edition.

Is herobrine on minecraft pocket edition 0.7.2 alpha?

No, herobrine isn't in ANY version in ANY edition of minecraft. He is a myth/legend.

How long was herobrine in minecraft xbox 360 edition?

Herobrine is a Minecraft urban legend and was never in any official version of the game.

How do you spawn hero Brian on minecraft pocket edition creative?

Its Herobrine and you can't spawn Herobrine in vanilla Minecraft he's a myth.

How do you summon herobrine in minecraft pocket edition creative?

Since you can't mod Minecraft PE, there's no way to add Herobrine in.

Is Herobine still on minecraft xbox edition?

Herobrine has never been real and will never bereal, it is not on the Minecraft XBox Edition.

Can you summon herobrine for minecraft pocket edition 0.5.0?

no you can't but I wish

Is there Herobrine in minecraft pocket edition for the iPhone?

you can not meet Herobrine on either PC, XBox, or Pocket edition as he does not exist and never has. i'm sure there are mods for the PC for Herobrine, and if you really wanted to you could hack you mobile device and input a mod for Herobrine on Minecraft PE but i do not recommend this

Can you craft a creeper in minecraft Xbox360 edition?

not yet

Is herobrine on minecraft pocket edition creative mode?

No You Can't unless you have a mod.