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Villagers cannot breed in the current version of minecraft XBox edition.

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Q: How do you breed viillagers in Minecraft xbox360?
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Does Minecraft Xbox360 have a CD?

No, the XBox360 version of Minecraft is downloadable via the Marketplace.

When will Minecraft come to xbox360?

The official release date for Minecraft on the Xbox360 is June 30, 2012

How much is Minecraft for xbox360?

Minecraft isn't out for Xbox360 yet, but it will probably cost something similar for it on the live marketplace.

Does xbox360 have Minecraft?

Yes microsoft payed for exclusivity of Minecraft.

Is Minecraft available for xbox360?


Is there moon on minecraft xbox360?


Is Minecraft on xbox360?

They are making a minecraft for XBOX360 and kinect. How ever there is a simular game to minecraft for the XBLA (Arcade) called Fortress Craft.

When does minecraft update for xbox360?

When the update come out...

How many accounts can you have on minecraft for xbox360?

There is no limit.

How do you put minecraft on xbox360?

you download it with points

Is herobrine in minecraft xbox360 edition?

No. No he isn't.

Do you need kinect to play minecraft on xbox?

No, the Xbox version of Minecraft is for Xbox360