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No you must migrate a charizard from firered or leafgreen.

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Q: Can you get charsard on Pokemon diamond version?
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In Pokemon Diamond Japanese Version How many Pokemon does ash have?

Ash has 6 Pokemon in Diamond version

How do you catch wild mj in poke diamond?

i was told that you use a fire stone on charsard

Who is a pro in Pokemon diamond version?

I dont have pokemon diamond

How do you get Pokemon on lvX in diamond?

u can't get a lvX Pokemon in diamond version

How do you connect Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon sapphire?

you need to have the sapphire version in the gameboy slot and the diamond version in the other slot

How do you migrate Pokemon to Diamond version?

If you have the Pokemon Diamond Version booklet go to the content page and look up how to migrate .

How does riolu learn aura sphere in Pokemon Diamond version?

How does riolu learn aura sphere in pokemon diamond version?

Where to see lumineon in Pokemon diamond version?

A Pokemon

What Pokemon is 114 in Pokemon Diamond version?


How do you get tanglea in Pokemon Diamond?

You can`t get tangela in Pokemon diamond version. You have to migrate it from Pokemon firered or Pokemon leafgreen versions or if you bye platinum version you can get tangela in the great marsh.

How do you transfer Pokemon from explorers version to diamond version?

It is impossible

How you can get tepig in diamond version?

Sorry, you can not get tepig in pokemon diamond version because diamond is a 4th generation game and tepig is a 5th generation pokemon. Get black/white!