Can you get banned on Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. If you get caught with modded software or hardware.

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Q: Can you get banned on Wii?
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Can a Wii get banned?

If you're using it to commit mass murders, then yes.

How do you not get banned while still hacking Mario kart wii online?

Nobody finds out!

Where can you find The Beatles Rock Band for Wii in Australia?

no the didn't like it so its banned in your country

Will you get in trouble for modding cod wii?

Modding and Hacking are prohibited, if you get caught you will be banned from playing the game.

How do you Get speed hack on cod4 wii?

You can't anymore, VAC caught up with everyone and banned them.

Is hetoan2 a good hacker?

yes he is but alot of people complained about the lack of hacks he did he is now banned from call of duty world at war.XDlol -------------------------------- again with the wrong information... I'm not banned in any game for the wii -.-

But you really want to be hacker on Mario kart wii?

To become a hacker, you need special cheat codes to download on your Wii. It can be dangerous so watch out and it is possible to get you banned from WFC. You can find codes on the Internet.

Are you able to do a required update on Call of Duty Black ops on a modded wii without it bricking or being banned from online?

by not failing at life and having to mod your console. plus you own a wii. fail.

Can you tell me the steps to be a hacker on mario kart wii?

Don't do it. You'll be banned off wifi for months the first time you try it.

What can you do if you are banned on Club Penguin for 24 hours?

play wii or gamecube if u have 1 of those or both.P.Syou can play playstation and runescape

How long is an online ban if you hack Mario Kart Wii?

Forever, AFAIK. It's been about two years since I've been banned.

Should the Wii fit be banned?

No, it's a good home exercise plus good entertainment when family and friends come visiting..why would we want to ban something that helps us to keep fit.