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Yes buying the black or 25th anniversary wii will get you: Wii sports, Wii Sports resort, New Super Mario bros wii, wii motion plus.

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Q: Can you get a Nintendo Wii with a free game?
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Does anyone have free Nintendo Wii or DS game's pin numbers?


What do you get in a Nintendo Wii system?

you get the wii a wii stand a wii mote a nunchuk a wrist strap and wii sports (free included game) and if you buy wii plasy you get a free wiimote

Is it possible to get a free trial of the Nintendo Wii U?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a free trial for the Nintendo Wii U. However, you may be able to visit your nearest game store which would let you test it. The only free trial available is the Nintendo Wii Fit U.

Is the Nintendo Wii region free?

No, the Nintendo Wii is region locked.

Is the game De Blob on psp?

no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii. no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii. no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii.

What is a Wii game?

A Wii game is a game disc that is made specifically for the Nintendo Wii.

What is the best game Xbox360 or Nintendo Wii?

i think Nintendo wii is the best

What is Nintendo Wii use for?

The Nintendo Wii's use is for entertainment. It is a game console.

Who invented the Wii Nintendo game system?

The Nintendo Wii was invented in Japan.

Is the Nintendo channel on Wii free?

Yes, all Wii Channels are free.

Where can you buy games for Nintendo Wii?

you could buy a Nintendo wii game at gamestop.

How can one obtain a Nintendo Wii for free?

Actually there are several different promotional offers for free Nintendo Wii. Some examples for websites include "YourNintendoWii4Free", "Xpango" and the blog entitled "Free-Nintendo-Wii" at BlogSpot.