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Yea you can first just go to YouTube and type in How to catch darkrai and their will be a vid saying how to catch darkrai no Acton replay! That is wear the rules are

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Q: Can you do the Darkrai tweaking glitch on platinum?
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How do you get a Darkrai in Pokemon pearl without action replay?

Glitch for it! On Google type in: Tweaking glitch for Pokemon Platinum. find out how to do it and then Type in: How to get darkrai using the tweaking glitch on platinum.

What is the code to catch Darkrai?

I don't know but I do know how to catch Darkrai in Diamond/Pearl without a cheat except an Action Replay. Use the tweaking glitch. You can find how to use the tweaking glitch at YouTube.

What Pokemon can you get through a glitch in Pokemon Pearl?

Shaymin and Darkrai. Search for pearl tweaking glitch on youtube.

How do you get Darkrai without an Ar or a event?

Trade from some one that has it, other wise, no. (hey you can catch darkrai in tweaking glitch ) to do it check it at youtube

How do you get drakrai in pokemon platinum?

mystery gift cheat action replay tweaking glitch

What is the tweaking glitch in pearl?

the tweaking glitch means one of your Pokemon is poisoned

How do you get cheats for Pokemon Platinum without an Action Replay?

then arent any cheats only glitches such as the tweaking glitch you can use to get darkrai and shaymin and legendary eggs. To see how to get darkrai using this technique look it up on youtube for a walkthrough though their is a risk u will mess up ur game using it.

How do you catch a Darkrai in diamond?

Darkrai's Event has long since expired, so it's either cheat or trade from a friend. Also there is a "Tweaking Glitch" you can ONLY do in Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond. (DOES NOT WORK IN POKEMON PLATINUM!) Here is a video of how to do it: [Video by: ReneBalow]

How do you do the tweaking glitch Pokemon platinum?

Go to the website box at the top of the screen and type this address This is how you catch Shaymin and Darkrai.

What is the tweaking glitch?

The tweaking glitch is when you move in different directions really fast with your bicycle in 4th gear that the game cant load the next screen fast enough so you can walk into the black area and go through stuff. only works on diamond and pearl, not platinum.

Can you get a Shaymin in diamond whithout the Nintendo Event?

Go to youtube and write "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl-HOW TO CATCH DARKRAI-WITHOUT ACTION REPLAY-TWEAKING GLITCH". It works! See for yourself.

Where can you find Darkrai in platinum?

You have to have an action replay to get to Darkrai.