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No, you can not. Game Center supports only Cocoa apps that are on the Mac App Store. minecraft is not on the Mac App Store and is written in Java. Unless there is some way to link Cocoa and Java, Minecraft can not connect to the Game Center.

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Q: Can you connect Minecraft to Game Center?
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How do you connect Minecraft seeds pro to Minecraft on iPad?

You don't connect it to Minecraft, you connect it to Game Center in order to get your account. Regardless of having an account or not, you can then use the seed codes provided in the app and use them in Minecraft to generate the worlds of your choice.

How do you connect to your friends minecraft hamachi server i can connect to the hamachi network but i cant connect to the minecraft server?

Type in the IP address or Hamachi address of your friend's correctly or play the premium Minecraft. Myncraft1: Your friends has to be on (Hamachi) to connect to his server

Can you play the game Minecraft on the Xbox 360 without Xbox live?

Yes, you can still play the game. You just can't connect with other people.

Can Android phone apps connect with iPod apps such as minecraft?

Yeah, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is part of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Both Android and IOS devices are able to connect on Minecraft.

Why won't my Minecraft connect to any servers?

If your Minecraft won't connect to any server simply restart your computer and the router.

Why cant you connect to your friends lan world in minecraft?

First thing to check - are you actually connected to their LAN? It's not much use triyng to connect to a LAN game if you aren't.

What code does your friend have to use to connect to your minecraft server?

To connect to any Minecraft server you have to know and input their IP address when it prompts you.

What to do when you can't connect to Minecraft multiplayer?

You need an account to play minecraft multiplayer.

Where can you get the Minecraft Wii game?

There is no Minecraft game for Wii.

Can you connect with other people on minecraft?


Can you connect minecraft PE from iPad to iPhone?


What does Failed to connect to the server Connection refused connect mean on minecraft?

either you don't have An internet connection or you have a cracked account on minecraft and it wont let you on. The alternative to this is their minecraft server was having issues.