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no you cant but you can switch to daylights saving time by talking to your mom in the game.

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Q: Can you change the time and date on Pokemon crystal?
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How do you change date and time in Pokemon heartgold?

u have to change your ds time and date then your Pokemon games time and date will be the same

How do you change the time on Pokemon crystal version?

here: The question was for the crystal version not the gold/silver ones. this code only works for gold and silver.

How can you get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Crystal?

There is nowhere the player can capture a wild Bulbasaur in Pokemon Crystal. It can be traded using the Time Capsule.

In Pokemon Crystal which Pokemon can you past through the time capsule?

Pokemon 1-151 can get passed through the time capsule.

Are Pokemon Gold and pokemob crystal the same?

Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Crystal are very similar, but not the same. In Pokemon Crystal, you encounter the Legendary Beasts, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, at the same time, but you only actually battle Suicune.

When you damage raiku or entai in Pokemon crystal when you encounter it the next time will it stay damaged?

no like in Pokemon gold,silver,and crystal version.

How do you make time go faster in Pokemon crystal?

You can't make time go faster, but if you want to make the play time continue, leave the game on during in a middle of a task. Pokemon Crystal is based on in-life time. Whatever time it is in real life, that's the same for Pokemon Crystal, unless you had set it to a different time than yours.

Where can you get oddish in Pokemon Crystal?

In Ilex Forest at Night time.

How do you get Misdreavus in Pokemon Crystal?

You can get Misdreavus in the Silver Cave at night time in Pokémon Crystal.

Where can you find Happiny in Pokemon Crystal?

Happiny did not exist at the time of Pokémon Crystal. Therefore, it cannot be obtained.

How do you get a Pokemon to walk by your side in Pokemon Crystal?


Can you change the time in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yes, you can. Pokemon HeartGold uses the time from your DS settings. So, change the time on the DS and the time in Pokemon HeartGold will change with it.