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yes u can, that's whut i did and now i have a moltres

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Q: Can you catch moltres with an ultra ball on Pokemon firered?
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How do you catch moltres in Pokemon Red version?

Moltres is a legendary Fire and Flying type Pokemon. It can be caught in Mt. Ember in Pokemon FireRed using an Ultra Ball. The catch rate will be more successful if the player has whittled down Moltres's HP and affected its status in some way.

What ARE Easier ways to catch legenderies in Pokemon FireRed?

To catch an articuno with an ultra ball you have to lower it's HP and put it to sleep... To catch a moltres you only have to lower his HP then use an ultra ball... To catch a zapdos a master ball is required... Or you could get a gameshark!

How do you catch articonozapdosand moltres with out a master ball in Pokemon firered?

make shure u have a good group of party Pokemon with u and use ultra balls. that's whut i did and now i have all three of them

How many ultra balls does it take to catch moltres in FireRed?

There is no specific number. you might catch on the first, or the 1,000,000,000,000th no one knows. it is just chance

Moltres on FireRed?

Moltres is at the peak of MT. Ember. I would bring a ton of Ultra balls (like 45), and a Pokemon that knows sleep powder or yawn.

How do you a catch mew in Pokemon FireRed?

Put it to sleep then use an ultra ball.

How do you catch Aquino in Pokemon FireRed?

Do you mean articuno then simply use many ultra balls after weakening it.

How do you catch an Articuno on Pokemon FireRed?

Weaken it to red hp, paralyze it then start throwing a bunch of ultra balls.

How you catch Articuno in Pokemon FireRed?

Weaken it to red HP, paralyze or make it sleep then use as many ultra balls as you can.

How do you catch moltreas in FireRed?

you have to use ultra balls

Where do you get ultra balls on Pokemon FireRed?

In a shop

How do you catch Lapras in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

You go to Four Island and go inside this cave. Keep looking for Lapras and when you find it weaken it and throw a Pokeball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball. Or whatever you have to catch a Pokemon.