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you cant. You can only do that on platinum):

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Q: Can you catch all 3 legendary Pokemon in blue or red?
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How catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

defeat all gyms,elite 4 and champion of that region to catch legendary pokemon

What legendary Pokemon in blue sea edition?

all legendary pokemon is available............

Why is moltres so hard to catch?

Moltres is a legendary pokemon all legendary pokemon are harder to capture.

Can you catch all legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond WITHOUT hacks?


What do you do after you catch all the legendary Pokemon in diamond?

you can start over

What are all the legendary Pokemon you catch in white?

a vagina cold

Where do you catch legendary pokemon in pokemon black?

Well it depends what legendary you mean. There are a lot and it would be hard to tell where they all are.

What are all the legendarys you can catch in Pokemon soul silver?

You can catch Lugia, and evolve Growlithe into Aracanine, which is not considered legendary, but literally has the title of Legendary Pokemon. Hope this helps!

How do you find all legendary Pokemon in platinum?

Just catch them,you dummy!

Easy way to get all the legendary dogs on Pokemon crystal?

catch them

When can you catch a legendary Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold?

afther you beat all the johto gym leders.

How can you catch all the legendary Pokemon Emerald?

all i know is how to get the regis and latios or latias.