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No, you have to catch a Pikachu and let it evolve into Raichu with a Thunder Stone.

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Q: Can you catch Raichu in the safari zone in Pokemon sapphire?
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How do you catch Pichu in Pokemon Sapphire?

breed pikachu/raichu

Who is Pokemon number 168 in Pokemon sapphire?

It's Heracross. You can catch it in the Safari Zone.

Where do you get a richu on Pokemon Sapphire?

catch a pikachu in the safari zone and use a thunderstone on it. catch a pikachu in the safari zone and use a thunderstone on it.

Where can you get a rhydon in Pokemon sapphire?

Catch Rhyhorn in the Safari Zone, then evolve him by training.

Where do you catch a riachu in Pokemon ruby?

You must catch a pikachu. Then you have to evolve it, and voila. A raichu. You can't catch wild raichus. You can only catch pikachus at the safari zone.

Can you catch a dratini in pokemon sapphire?

You can catch one in Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen. But you can only catch one in the safari zone or you buy in celedon city

Where do you catch a dotto and Pokemon sapphire?

You can catch a dotto at the safari zone and im still working on the last part.

How do you catch barboach in Pokemon HeartGold?

safari zone (special item) you can transfer from sapphire or ruby.

Where can you find a light stone in Pokemon sapphire?

if you mean, a light ball, then catch a pikachu at the safari zone

Can you catch Heracross in Pokemon ruby or sapphire?

Yes! It is found at the Safari Zone. Though it is slightly rare!

Where do you catch phanpy?

In POKeMON Sapphire, you get Phanpy from the Safari Zone. You have to use your Acro bike to get to the area though.. :LHarrieB

How do you catch a Pikachu?

In Pokemon sapphire, you have to go to the safari zone to catch a pikachu. It might take a while to find it though, since it is a rare Pokemon. The safari zone is to the left of lilycove city.In the Viridian Forest and the Power Plant