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you cant catch ditto in the safari catch him in the Pokemon mansion in cinnabar

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Q: What part of the safari zone do you catch Ditto?
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How do you catch Ditto in SoulSilver?

Route 34 or Safari Zone

Where do you catch a Ditto on HeartGold?

You can get it in the Safari Zone, near the Day Care or at Cerulean Cave. . ^_^

WHERE in the Safari Zone do you catch a Hoothoot?

Hoothoot is mostly in the back part of the Safari Zone, but you can find it anywhere.

Catch Celebi in the safari zone?

i do not think you can catch one in the safari zone.

Is Ditto in the safari zone in Pokemon ruby?

No, no it's not.

How do you catch a chancy in the safari zone?

You must get surf before you can catch chancy in the safari zone

What is the easiest way to catch a Ditto?

the easiest way to catch a ditto on soul silver is to place 10 water objects in the swapm on the safari zone. if you catch a ditto,go to the day care south of golden rod city and place a Pokemon you want 2 of and ditto and soon youll find an egg with the basic of the Pokemon you found with ditto autumnmosy :) x______________

How do you catch the lavitar at the safari zone?

You can't get a larvitar in the safari zone.

What can you catch in the safari zone?

you can catch TAUROS,GOLDEEN,SPEAROW,GEODUDE,GRAVLER,ect. in the safari zone.

Can you catch omanyte in the safari zone?

i don't know how but i catch omanyte in the safari zone on yellow verson

In safari zone where would you find Ditto?

First go into the first wetland then go up. Next go in the grassy area and turn left. There you find a second wetland. There you catch Ditto.

Is there an easier way to get a farfetch'd?

You can catch it near the Safari Zone or in the Safari Zone.