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When you defeat the elite four and get the national dex, a new path will pop up by the ruin maniacs cave, to get to girattina you will need a Pokemon that knows rock climb and defog. He is lvl 70 bring many ultra balls and dusk balls

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Q: Can you catch Giratina in Pokemon diamond version?
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In what Pokemon game can you catch Giratina?

its been confirmed you can catch it in Pokemon platinum pearl and diamond

How do you get Giratina in Pokemon soul sliver?

You can't catch giratina in soul silver, you can only catch him in diamond, pearl, or platinum.

How do you catch Giratina on Pokemon black?

You can not. The only games to get Giratina are:Pokemon PlatinumPokemon pearlPokemon diamond

What do you when you beat the elite 4 in Pokemon diamond?

catch legendary Pokemon like giratina and heatran

What dragon Pokemon do you catch in Pokemon diamond other than dialga?

Giratina(Ghost & Dragon)

Were can you get a garintina in Pokemon Diamond?

To get a Giratina in Pokemon Diamond, you'll have to catch it in Pokemon Platinum, then trade it to Diamond. However, when you catch it in its Origin Forme and trade it to D/P, it'll revert back to its original form, due to Pokemon DP not having the Giratina Origin Forme sprite programmed into the game.

How do you get to Giratina in Pokemon ruby?

There is no Giratina in emerald ruby or sapphire. The only games that you can CATCH one is in diamond pearl and platinum.

What happens to Giratina if you run from him in diamond version?

HE will return to the distorted world and you CAN'T CATCH HIM I REPEAT CAN'T CATCH HIM.

Do you need a masterball to catch Giratina?

no. i own Pokemon diamond and i caught it in a great ball.

Is Pokemon Platinum the same as Pokemon Diamond?

no it isn't. unlike Pokemon diamond, you can catch all sinnoh Pokemon and you can also catch palkia at lv 70. Instead of dialga at lv 47, lv 70 in platinum. and you can catch a lv 47 giratina and lv 50 heatran. hope i helped!

Can you catch an origin girtina in Pokemon diamond?

no but if u want a giratina go to spring path and in the cave is a giratina lv. 70

How do you catch Giratina on pokemon white?

You will need to trade one from diamond, pearl or platinum to white.