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Yes, you can. Any Pokémon (except another ditto and legendaries) of any gender can breed with ditto, and you will always get the first evolution of the non-ditto Pokémon. Of course, the baby Pokémon will eventually evolve.

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Q: Can you breed Blastoise and Ditto and get a Squirtle?
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Which Pokemon are highly compatible with a female Blastoise?

A Ditto. Besides a Ditto and a male Blastoise, you can apparently breed the following Pokemon with a female Blastoise to produce a Squirtle egg: Lapras, Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Mudkip, Marshtomp and Swampert. they are all in the same 'egg groups' and should be able to breed with a female Blastoise if they are can also breed a female blastoise with a male omistar to get a squirtle egg.i know because i tried it.

Can you get a female Squirtle in FireRed?

Yes. You only have around 13% chance to get one, though. An easier way to get Squirtle eggs is to breed your male Squirtle/Wartortole/Blastoise with a Ditto.

Can you have an egg with ditto and Blastoise?

Yes. It will hatch into a squirtle.

Can you get a Squirtle with a Ditto?

Ditto can breed with everything.

Where can you get squirtle?

If you don't have a blastoise, then use an action replay. If you are just beginning Pokemon games fire red, leaf green, blue, red, or others, just choose squirtle as your starter. If you have a Blastoise, but want a squirtle too, breed the Blastoise with a ditto! The blastoise must be a boy. If the egg man says "your DITTO and BLASTOISE are doing just fine. The two prefer to play with other Pokemon," then it won't work. If he says "the two seem to get along" then you get your squirtle! If he says, "the two don't seem to like each other" then there is a 80/20 chance (80 being it doesn't work) that you'll get a squirtle. Thanks!You can't find a squirtle in the wild. It is given to you at the start of your journey. You must choose Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.

What will happen if manaphy and Blastoise breed on Pokemon HeartGold?

Manaphy and Blastoise cannot breed. Manaphy can only breed with ditto or another Manaphy.

How do you breed Venusaur and Blastoise?

Try using a Ditto, if you have one

In FireRed how can you get a girl Squirtle?

Well, save right before you choose your starter. Pick Squirtle, and if it happens to be a girl great. But if not, turn off your game and restart. Repeat until the Squirtle is a girl (it happens on a random basis, boys are more likely than girls though) OR You can start out with you male Squirtle, catch a Ditto, and on island four (or one of them), you can breed you Blastoise with a ditto and keep producing eggs until you recieve a female Squirtle.

Can you breed a Blastoise with any Pokemon and the egg will be a Squirtle?

Sometimes. Certain pokemon can breed with others, but it's all based on their egg group, which I don't know all that much about. However, provided you are using two pokemon with corresponding egg groups (even if they are not the same species), you will always get the first evolution of what the female pokemon was. If you are breeding a pokemon with a ditto, you will always get the first evolution of the non-ditto pokemon.

How do you get starter Pokemon eggs in Pokemon firered?

You mean if you wanted to breed a Blastoise? That's easy if you have the right stuff. Just grab a Ditto and the Starter you want to breed and bring them to the Four Island Daycare. Put the Ditto and the Starter in the Daycare and you should eventually get an Egg that will produce the Standard Form of that Starter (for example, if you breed a Blastoise or a Wartortle, you wil always end up with a hatched Squirtle), even if the two of them don't like each other.

Can Blastoise and lapras breed in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yeah im pretty sure hey catch a ditto its easier to breed with that.

When does blastoise learn water spout?

you can only get it in hg/ss. it is an egg move for squirtle. you have to breed a female blastoise with a male wailord that knows water spout