Can yanmega learn brave bird

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In a word: "nope"

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Q: Can yanmega learn brave bird
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What level does pelipper learn brave bird?

It can't learn Brave Bird.

Can togekiss learn brave bird?

No, Togekiss cannot learn Brave Bird.

What level does pidgeot learn brave bird?

Pigdeot is not able to learn Brave Bird.

How do you teach a pigeot brave bird?

Pidgeot cannot learn Brave Bird.

When does braivery want to learn brave bird in Pokemon white?

At level 63, Braviary can learn Brave Bird.

What level does staraptor learn brave bird at?

it learns brave bird at lvl 49

What level does unfezant learn brave bird or tm?

It doesn't learn brave bird. It only learns sky attack.

What level will taillow learn bravebird?

Taillow cannot learn Brave Bird. To teach Brave Bird you need to breed Taillow.

When does Staraptor learn Brave Bird in Pokemon Diamond?

Staraptor learns Brave Bird at Level 49.

Does Altaria learn brave bird?

Sadly no.

When does swellow learn brave bird?


How do you get Pidgey learn brave bird as well a staraptor?

Pidgey doesn't learn it unless you breed it with a pokemon that knows Brave Bird, i suggest you use a Fully evolved Staraptor, that knows Brave Bird, Staraptor learns it at level 37