Can video game be educational

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes Video Games can be very educational. People see it as a horrible addiction that you cant get rid of. That is not true at all, video games improve handicornaiton, fast reflexes, better knowledge, and can improve your mathematical skills hugely.Reasontly in the news scientist stated that the mind of a gamer can set him mind to anything and acpolishes.

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Q: Can video game be educational
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When was the last educational video game made?

There is a near constant stream of educational video games.

Who invented the first educational video game?

Johnny Durango made the first educational video game known as JumpStart in 1986.

What is a good educational video game for kids on the go?

Spelling Challenges and More! for the PSP is a good educational video game for kids on the go.

Is a video game a good gift for kids?

It depends on what video game it is and the discipline of the child. Video games can be educational and played in moderation it may be a valuable gift.

Does every video game educational?

No they're not some some teach badword

Should I get a book or video game?

Video game.It is more fun:) No, get a book; it's healthier and more educational.

Is a video game educational?

There are educational games out there, but non educational games can also teach you things. Like fast paced games can give you fast eye reflexes.

What are examples of an expository essay thesis statement for video game controversy?

What is a good thesis statement on video violence and how it can also be educational.

Are video games educational-?

Some are educational. However, some aren't. It really depends on what game you're talking about. It would be better to ask a good friend for sites to play those games.

What is an educational video game that had a number line involving a train and a lion?


Benefits of Buying Educational Video Games?

When looking for a new gift idea for a child a very popular choice may be to purchase the kid a new video game.� While video games are always popular with children, some may be worried that it could lead to hours of mind numbing entertainment.� Instead of that, a better idea may be to purchase an educational video game. � Educational video games can be very fun and competitive and can be played on almost all video game platforms.� The games can come in a variety of formats and are suitable for children of almost all different age groups.� These can help stimulate the mind and benefit them in school as well.� ��

When were the EcoQuest video games series produced?

EcoQuest, a two game educational video game series, was first released in 1991 on a floppy disk. The second game was produced 1993. The first game was 'The Search for Cetus' and the second was 'Lost Secret of the Rainforest.