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You need to have access to route 15.

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Q: Can the platinum version Pokemon be traded to the black version game?
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Can you trade Pokemon Flygon which is a older Pokemon from Pokemon black or white version to Pokemon platinum version?

No. Pokemon can't be traded from Black/White to older games at all, even if those pokemon existed in those older games.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon black or white virsion to Pokemon platinum version?

No, but you can transfer from platinum to black or white using poketransfer of relocater.

Can you put Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum from Pokemon black version once you beat the elight four?

no, these Pokemon are unknown in Pokemon platinum

Can you get Throh in Pokemon Black Version?

only if someone with white traded it to you

What version of Pokemon can get Roselia?

Pokemon Platinum, diamond and pearl. and black and white 5

Where do you find paklia on Pokemon black?

You must trade one from pokemon pearl/platinum version

How do you catch darkria in pokemon black version?

You can't catch one.You need to trade it from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum version

How do you get Dialga in Pokemon Black and White?

Dialga needs to be traded in from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold or Soulsilver.

Which is the next version of Pokemon after diamond and pearl?

That would be Pokemon Platinum, and the newest, Pokemon Black and White. Hope I helped :)

What Pokemon version comes after black and white?

There is no official game yet, but there are rumors that there will be a Pokemon Gray version in a year or two, similar to Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Crystal, as if it becomes real, it will be the third game in the Pokemon Black and White games.

Can you bring a Pokemon you traded on to Black or White version back on to Heartgold or Soulsilver?

Yes; but not the new pokemon. Only the old ones.

Can Pokemon Black 2 and platinum battle?

No, but you can import Platinum Pokemon to Black.