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There is no official game yet, but there are rumors that there will be a Pokemon Gray version in a year or two, similar to Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Crystal, as if it becomes real, it will be the third game in the Pokemon Black and White games.

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Q: What Pokemon version comes after black and white?
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Where to get keldeo from Pokemon Black and White?

Keldo comes in pokemon black and white version 2

Is there going to be a new Pokemon game called black version?

Yes. Pokemon Black version comes out spring 2011 the same for Pokemon White version.

Is black Pokemon version harder than the black version or the white version is harder than the black version?

pokemon white is hareder than pokemon black

Is Zekrom on Pokemon black or Pokemon White version?

Pokemon white reshiram is on black

When does Pokemon black and white version come to Michigan?

I think it comes out in March 6, 2011

Can you catch the legendary in Pokémon Black In Pokémon White?

In Pokemon Black Version the legendary is Reshiram and Pokemon White its Zerkrom.The only way to get both is to transfer Zerkrom to Pokemon Black Version or Reshiram to Pokemon White Version.

Where is the white forest in Pokemon Black and white version?

Nowhere. you can find the Black city in pokemon black and White forest in pokemon white. YOu can't got to the white forest in pokemon black

What are the names of the new Pokemon games?

Pokemon Black Version & Pokemon White Version.

What Pokemon ds game is better Pokemon White or black?

Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version are the same game, except for the pokemon that are available to catch and for certain areas.

Can you get Zekrom in Pokemon black version?

No, you have to trade it from white version

How do you get Zeckrom in Pokemon Black version?

You need the white version

Is Zekrom in white version?

zekrom is the main Pokemon of white version and rashiram is to the black version.