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No, but the family can leave the teen all alone, as long as there is no child, toddler, or baby that they try to leave with him/her.

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Q: Can teenagers move out of home on sims life stories?
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Why teenagers life easier?

Teenagers life can be easier than those of adults. Teenagers main job is to get an education, or get trained in a trade so that he/she can move on with life. Food, shelter, clothing, and other reasonable expenses are borne by the parents. If teenagers can concentrate on what is expected from them their life can be easy. If however, the teenagers have unrealistic expectations, eagerness to bypass the time to mature but get rich, wealthy, and enjoy all the pleasures of life immediately, then life will not be easy. Add to this peer pressure and readily available distractions, a teenagers's life need not necessarily be easy. It is all a matter of choice.

Can a two underaged teenagers move into a house together if they get married?

Somewhere there is a cheat for sim teenagers to get married, but without it teenagers can not get married.Allthough they can move into a house together.All you have to do is first move them in with their parents then have their parents moveout of the house and leave the teenagers.

Who uses game console?

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What are the release dates for Come Home to Life - 2007 Make the First Move 1-21?

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Does somebody have to die before you can get a tombstone and see a ghost on the sims life stories?

Yes someone has to die unless you move into a place that already has a gravestone

What is sims 2 life stories?

The Sims 2 Life Stories is similar to the regular Sims 2. You may play in a free-style mod which is the normal Sims. You may also play in the live of an already made Sim. This Sim has particular needs that have to be fulfilled to move on to the next level.

How do teenagers have their own house house on sims 2?

You move all the adults out of your house. That's it.

Why do we need to move?

You need to move because of jobs, home problems, or just because you need to see new things. If you need to move out, its because you need to get a life and live it yourself without your parents

Can a 13 year old move out?

no, if life is unbearable at home, speak with an adult or relative that you trust, hopefully they can help you with your situation.

Is a technique used in short stories to move the storyline along quickly?

One technique that is used in short stories to move the storyline along quickly is killing off a character. Stories also end quickly when someone achieves an important goal or event like a marriage.

On the sims life stories 2 of my people are frozen and won't move but the other 2 will. how can i fix it?

Don't save it if that happens. Then go to neighborhood and then re-start it. That should fix it all. Welcome!