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As i far as i know,,,no. you cant move that stupid home tiki anywhere! its very annoying :@

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Q: Can you move the home tiki to another island on the sims 2 castaway?
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How do you get back home on the sims2 castaway?

Pause the game, then click on the map. After it takes you to the map, it shows you where you are. If you want to get back home or to another island, without walking and exploring, then press L1 to move the camera over to the left showing a different island, and press R1 to move the camera right showing another different island and then click on where you want to go.

How do you move the boulder on the 2nd island in sims 2 castaway?

to move the boulder u have to have a chisel and hammer

How do you move two sims to an island a once in sims 2 castaway wii?

Once you move one sim to an island (except for crystal island but you haven't unlocked this island yet) the other sim will just be there lk if you make a fire and declare home they will be there by nite fall

How do castaway Sims from Sims 2 castaway move off property?

If you click on them there is an option called "Move out" When you click on that, there is a pop up which lets you decide who to move out with.

How do you get to the second Island on the Sims 2 Castaway on PS2?

You have to build a raft. This can only be built at Pier Beach, if you have the skills and resources. Then you move on and at Airplane Island's Pier Beach, you build a canoe. These boats get steadily bigger and stronger as you progress.

How do you move your sims to another home I have the money?

get on a computer and select move

Can you find the treasure before you have the map in Sims 2 castaway?

Hell no, u need all the map pieces in order to move one of a big boulder in the second island... is it east beach?

How do people move from place to place in hawaii?

What do you mean by how they move from place to place? If you mean move to a new home on another island, people rarely do that. But if they do, I'm guessing they either use a ferry or plane to ship the items over. Hope that helps!

Did Helen Keller move into another home?


In sims 2 castaway how do you move the boulder in geyser plains?

you need a stone chizzil

What is whirlpool in Pokemon?

it is a home move to stop the whirl water on the four island where you can get lugia

Can a seventeen year old move out of parents home in rhode island home in rhode island?

I don't believe you can... You have to stay with a legal parent or guardian until you turn 18