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get on a computer and select move

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Q: How do you move your sims to another home I have the money?
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Sims 3 How can you move in a rich house?

first move in a house that you can afford or room with another Sim. Then use the money cheat code "motherlode" to make as much money as you need. Finally Move out of your roommate's home into your desired house/mansion.

Can you move the home tiki to another island on the sims 2 castaway?

As i far as i know,,,no. you cant move that stupid home tiki anywhere! its very annoying :@

You cant afford a house in sims what do you do?

Move your sims into a house they can afford. (sims 2 PC) use the cheat 'motherlode' or 'kaching' and you will get money, move them out then move them into the desired house ;)

How do you make your Sims move to a different home in The Sims 3?

You go to there inventory and click on the phone. Then you click on the move option.

How do i move my sims on The Sims 3 with the money they've earned?

If you mean to move them house - then click on a sim then go to their inventory, click on the phone and select 'move' :)

On sims deluxe can you make another sim move in with another sim?

=== ===

How do you move into another sims house on the sims 3 iPod touch?

Do you have to complete goals? If so, then complete all of them to move on to the next level and move out!

In sims 3 how do you move in live mode?

Go into an adult sim's inventory, click the mobile phone and select ''move'' (make sure you have enough money to buy the house you want) click another sim in the household that you want to move with you and click the ''forward'' arrow to add them to the moving list. after that your sim/sims will go in a cab to there new home that is already furnished and waiting for them! hope I helped! XXX

On The Sims 2 how do you make another sim move in with you?

Build a friendship between the two sims & then eventually it should have "Propose.." "Move In" in that pie bar when you click on another sim.

How do you get a teenager to move in with another teenager on sims 2?

You can't.

Can you move into another sims house on The Sims 3 ambition?

on the edit town mode you can merge households. also if your sim is good enough friends with another sim in another household and they are at that sims house at the moment then that other sim can ask you if you would like to move in

Is it possible to give sims on the sims 2 money if they don't have a home?

No, they must be living in a house.