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In sigleplayer-yes, in multiplayer-no.

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Q: Can seeds be used without internet on minecraft?
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Can you figure out a list of minecraft seeds youve used?

No sorry.

Do you need internet for a sound card?

No. A sound card can be used without internet access, and the internet can be used without sound.

How do you get pumpkin seeds in Minecraft?

Pumpkin seeds can be found in abandoned mineshaft chests and by putting a pumpkin into a crafting table. They are used to grow more pumpkins.

Can you get pets in minecraft on tablet?

For cows you need wheat For sheep you need wheat For pigs you need carrots for chickens you need seeds (Seeds are also used for growing wheat)

What is the minecraft seed for the yogcave?

There's no seed for that. Seeds are just used to generate a specific map. If you want the YogCave, just download it and play on it.

What modem do you need for minecraft?

Any modem can be used... if you want to play multiplayer, you should use a modem which can connect to the Internet.

Does opera mini work without internet?

No. It must be connected to the Internet at all times when used.

How is a tracker list used on the internet?

A tracker list on the internet is used to find out what different websites a person is visiting. Most of the time is it used without the person's permission and installed without knowledge or permission.

How do you find grain in minecraft?

It is found naturally at NPC villages. You can grow it by using a hoe on dirt, then planting seeds obtained by smashing tall grass. To plant it, just have the seeds in your hand and right-click with them on the dirt you used the hoe on.

How does one destroy a bedrock in Minecraft?

In order to destroy bedrock in Minecraft, either the super pick-axe command or TNT can be used. These are the only two options without cheats.

Is the pass code for xbox Minecraft the same as normal Minecraft?

No it isn't you have to buy is seperately from the pc version of the game, but on the x-box edition you dont have to log in, but your x-box internet acces thingy is used

Are the seeds from dried peppers with mold inside still good?

The seeds from a pepper without mold will be better for use in recipes. Seeds used for planting should also be mold-free, ensuring a healthy plant.