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yes its called being offline

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Q: Can an xbox 360 be used without connecting to the internet?
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If you buy a wireless adapter for xbox live you can play xbox live without connecting with my internet?

The Xbox 360 wireless adapter allows you to connect to a wireless router without plugging it in directly. You still need the wireless router, and the router must still be connected to the internet. So no. You cannot get free internet access through a two-inch usb device.

Can you have Xbox live without the adapter?

You will need to have an internet connection to have Xbox live. You can plug your xbox in with an ethernet.

Can an ethernet cable connecting from your Xbox to your computer modem along with a membership get you Xbox live?

With an a Xbox Live membership I think so, without a membership maybe not.

If you connect your Xbox 360 to the internet by connecting it to a laptop do you need to keep it plugged in whenever you want to go on Xbox live?

unless you get a wireless adapter, yes

Is you don't have xbox live can you still watch Netflix what can't you do if you don't have xbox live?

The reason why is because you need internet access for Netflix. You cannot get internet without Xbox Live. This is why you cannot access Netflix without internet. Also the gold membership for Xbox is $50.00 for a year. You also need a wireless adapter to connect internet to your Xbox.

How toupdate minecraft xbox without internet?

You can only install items without the internet, but downloading items and updates needs the internet as well.

Can you play Xbox games in your Xbox 360 without a chip?

Yes. Requires internet conectivity.

Can You Have Xbox Live Without Internet?

NO, its not called live for nothing

Can you play alien isolation without internet on the xbox one?

Yes games can be played offline without a problem. If you are buying the console new though, you will have to connect the console to the internet for the initial setup.

Can you add xbox live membership without internet?

no so FACK OF

Can Xbox 360 live be played on att uverse via internet without an Xbox 360 live card?

No, in order to play on Xbox Live over the internet, regardless of ISP, you are required to have an Xbox Live Gold membership, or else you cannot play Xbox nor Xbox 360 games over the internet.

Can you play mass effect 3 on xbox 360 single player without internet?

Yes. No single player modes require internet or Xbox Live.