Can m3 DS real be used with DS you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. It is just called M3 DS real, but it doesn't mean that there is such thing as a DS real.

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Q: Can m3 DS real be used with DS you?
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Where do you get the games for the M3 DS Real?


Can you use the m3 ds real rumble pack for the Nintendo ds browser?


Where can one find information on the M3 DS Real?

Information about the M3 DS Real can be found on a number of internet forums including Romulation and Afterdawn. Posts on these forums will contain user reviews and problems that users may have encountered.

What can you tell me about Flashcarts and where can you buy them and how much do they cost?

I know some are named R4DS M3 DS Real CycloDS AceKart 2 Supercard DS

Can you use action replay on a DS with M3 Real card?

For sure i know you can but I'm trying to figure out how to do it... Anyone got the answer ?

Does the m3 ds real work in Nintendo DSi XL?

No. You need a different cartridge for the dsi/dsi xl, such as the acekard 2i.

Pokemon Battle Revolution can upload Pokemon with a chipped ds?

sorry no a chipped ds cannot connect to a wii i have an r4 and it didn't work with my friends' m3 real /simply or edge.

What are the chances of M3 DS Real bricking your DS?

The chances are very slim, the actual card will not brick it. It is the things you use it for, such as "homebrew" that has chances of bricking your Nds but only if a virus code is ran on the system.

Why can't you acess menu M3 DS real Nds menu?

I explain myself : I Download a new System file for me M3 ds real and, just in case, I made a copy of the previous system file. After, I wanted to test a soulsilver ROM so I Loaded a No$GBA Emulator and then again made a copy of the games but it seems that I cannot reach the NDS folder when I play on my Ds. Yet it is my "My card" folder but I can't play, Why?!

On your m3 ds real on animal crossing on your ds you try to use cheats but it freezes before it says Nintendo what can you do?

I really don't know, And it's REALLY buggin me!! I want the kl cheats they give you, but it just freezes

Does the m3 real need to recharged?

Your question makes no sense. the M3 real is a cartridge you put into your DS like any normal game, and works in the same way, except the "game" on it is a special program that lets you run programs as well as rom-dumps for nds/gba games. Your DS needs charging, cartridges don't need recharging in the same sense your DVDs don't need recharging.

What is a m3 ds simply?

It is a card that can hold lots of games but you can only use it on the DS (not the DSi or 3DS) hope I helped! :)