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Most of the time, yes. Breeding compatibility is controlled by egg groups. If two pokemon are in the same egg group, they are compatible to breed. Many fire type pokemon belong to the same egg group as other fire pokemon, but not all.

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Q: Can fire type Pokemon breed with other fire types?
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What Pokemon can not breed in Pokemon FireRed?

The only type of pokemon that can't breed in fire red are legendary pokemons.

How do you beat the fire part in Pokemon?

Fire Pokemon are weak against water types, rock types and ground types.

How long does it take to breed Pokemon eggs?

It usually depends on how similar the Pokemon you are trying to breed are, and if they are friendly with each other. If not, it may take some time, but in the advanced generations, Pokemon breed pretty quickly.( Fire Red, Diamond, Emerald, etc.)

Can a flying Pokemon and a fire Pokemon breed?

Yes, as long as they are the opposite genders.

What Pokemon do you have to face in Pokemon league on diamond?

Bug Types Ground Types Fire Types Type Psychic And Garchomp Togekiss Spiritomb and other 3 that I don't remember.

What Pokemon do get when you breed 2 wartortles in fire red?


Where are the fire Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Unfortunatly, (fire-types are my favorite) the only pre-Pokemon league, non-traded fire types are chimchar evolutions (can only get if chimchar was your starter) and ponyta evolutions(between Soleceon town and veilstone, as well as under bike path). Fortunatly, after you beat the Pokemon league, you can migrate Pokemon from gba games to the pal park and use other methods to get fire-types. There is a fire-type legendary, heatran, which can be found at stark mountain after the Pokemon league. Hope that helps.

What type is super effective against fire?

Basically the only weakness is water, other types are normally effective or not effective on fire at all.

Are fire types stronger than ice type Pokemon?

Fire pokemon have an advantage over ice pokemon, if thats what you mean. But in general, Fire pokemon have a base stat average of 448.48 and ice types have one of 449.6, so ice types are generally stronger.

What does Fire Pokemon Defeat on Pokemon Diamond?

Fire types are good against Steel,Ice,Bug,and Grass Pokemon.

What is a psychc types weakness in Pokemon?


What types of Pokemon can beat the fire Pokemon?

Water, ground, and rock.