Can dratini learn surf

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It can.

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Q: Can dratini learn surf
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Would dratini learn surf?


Can Dratini Learn Surf on Soul Silver?

Yes because i have one and it knows surf

How do you catch dratini in soul silver?

You can surf in the Dragon's Den, or you can answer the Clair's grandfather's questions and come back later with an empty slot in your party. He will then give you a Dratini (the Dratini will know ExtremeSpeed if you answer all his questions correctly.)

Can dratini learn outrage?

yes yes he can

Can dratini learn extremespeed in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dratini can't learn Extremespeed in LeafGreen, but can learn it through breeding and as a prize in Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver. After answering all the Dragon Master's questions correctly in the Dragon Shrine, a Dratini with Extremespeed will be given as a prize.

How do you obtain a Dratini in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Go to Mt.Coronet and inside use surf. Then use a Super Rod and if you are lucky you will find a Dratini or Dragonair. Or maybe Gyarados.

What moves does Dratini learn?

dratini can learn moves like wing attack the coolest attack he has is when he is a dragonite then it learns hyper beam in Pokemon heartgold/soulsilver, its possible to make dratini learn fly WITHOUT an action replay or hacking. just get a salamance that knows fly and a dragonite and breed them. if you are lucky, you will hatch a dratini that knows fly lol

What level does ducklett learn surf?

You have to use the HM surf It does not learn surf by leveling

Can togepi learn surf?

No, Togepi cannot learn Surf.

Can seviper learn surf?

No. Seviper cannot learn surf.

Can vanillite learn surf?

Vanillite cannot learn Surf.

Where might one learn how to surf?

One can learn how to surf from websites like About, Away, Lajolla Surf, Surfing Waves, Learn to Surf, wikiHow, Surf Science, New Quay Surfer, Surf Noosa and Dano Surf.