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Yes. They are the same diameter, the .38 Special has a shorter case. The .357 is much more powerful than the hottest .38 Special. There are very rare .357 automatic pistols (such as the coonan) that will not cycle with .38 Special. There are also lever action rifles chambered in .357 Magnum. You should not attempt to cycle .38 Special cartridges through these, either.

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Q: Can any 38 special shoot in any 357 magnum?
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Can you shoot Remington 38sw r38sw 146 grain from a ruger sp 101 357 mag?

.38 Special cartridges of any make can safety be fired from any .357 Magnum. However, there is another, older .38, which is the .38 S&W (no special) It is larger in diameter than .38 Special, and will not chamber in a .38 Special nor a .357 Magnum. NOTE: If you DO shoot .38 Special cartridges in a .357 Magnum revolver, be sure to clean the gun properly. Tends to build up a ring of carbon at the case mouth that will interfere with loading .357 cartridges.

What ammunition can be used in Dan Wesson 357 magnum ctg?

Any .357 Magnum revolver (this does not apply to automatics or any other type of firearm) can fire .357 Magnum and .38 Special cartridges.

Can a 357 magnum shoot any 38 special plus p caliber bullet?

yes, but not too often in a light weight 38 revolver.

What pressure limit is my Dan Wesson model 715 in .357 mag. rated to Can it handle plus P .38 Loads I should avoid.?

An industry group known as SAAMI establishes standards for dimensions and pressures of sporting cartridges. The standard for .38 Special is 17,000 psi. .38 Special +P is 20,000 psi. .357 magnum is 35,000 psi. The bottom line- any firearm that is designed to shoot .357 Magnum can fire any .38 Special (including +p loads). The .357 is much more powerful than any .38 Special. Shoot safe and often.

Can you fire 38 SW ammunition in a 357 magnum?

Yes, you can shoot38 Smith and Wesson specialammunition in any 357 magnum caliber firearm, with the exception of certain lever action rifles which might not feed the shorter 38 special cartridge.The 357 magnum cartridge is based on the 38 Smith and Wesson Special cartridge case, which is the "parent case". The magnum case is lengthened by .100 inch so that the magnum will not chamber (fit) into a 38 Smith and Wesson special firearm.However the 38 Smith and Wesson special will always fit into a 357 magnum chamber.The pressures generated upon firing the 357 magnum cartridge are much higher than the 38 special, the maximum allowed pressures being 35,000 psi for the 357 magnum and 17,000 for the 38 special. For this reason it would not be safe to fire the 357 magnum in a 38 special chamber.The 38 special will not damage a 357 magnum firearm in any way, but firing 38 specials in a magnum chamber might allow dirt residue to build up in front of the shorter 38 special cartridge, eventually causing a problem chambering the longer 357 magnum once again. A cleaning of the chamber should solve this.

Can you shoot a 40 caliber bullet from a 44 cliber handgun?

The short answer is no. You should not (and normally can't) fire any ammo in a gun other than what it is specifically designed to shoot. There are some exceptions, such as, you can fire 38 special in a gun designed for .357 magnum.

Can any pistol chambered for 357mag shoot the 38sp bullet?

Only revolvers, which use cylinders, rather than chambers. Any .357 Magnum rifle or semi-auto pistol won't be able to, as you won't get proper headspacing in the chamber with the .38 Special.

Is a 357 magnum a good gun for protection against grizzly bears?

The .357 magnum is borderline for any big game hunting, and while it can kill a bear, it is anything but ideal. I wish I had a dollar for every wounded deer I had to track, that someone tried to take down with a .357 magnum. You are much better off with the .44 magnum, and a properly rigged .44 magnum is a joy to shoot. If you still find the .44 to be intimidating, Buffalo bore makes a new round with reduced recoil that has plenty enough power for bears and deer. They are 240 grain lower recoil, but still offer more than the .357 magnum. The .44 magnum also will shoot the .44 Special rounds, which are very easy to shoot but more powerful for hunting than any of the .357 Magnum loads. Now if you were to move up to the .357 maximum, that is a different story, as that is a much more effective round than the .357 magnum. Yes, mainly depending on where you hit the bear. Stay within fifty yards and you will be fine. If you reload your own ammunition, stick with a hard cast 180 grain load. Also, hunting black bear with a handgun calls for a specific type of hunting. Use dogs to tree the bear, or hide in a tree stand next to a baited area. That way, all your shots will be within that fifty yard range. I personally would use a high power rifle, such as a 30-06, for an example.

Can I use 38 auto plus p ammo in a model 28 357 mag?

No. You can fire .38 Special (and .38 Special +P) in any .357 Magnum firearm, not .38 Auto. Do not attempt the reverse (firing .357 Magnum in a .38 Special firearm); the results will be disastrous. The .38 Auto does not have a rim large enough to hold it in a revolver's chamber, and the bullet is most likely not the correct diameter.

Can any pistol cartridges be fired from any handgun?

No. You can only safely fire the correct caliber from each handgun. For instance, for a .40 caliber handgun, you can only fire .40 ammunition. There are some minor exceptions, mostly in revolvers. For instance, you can fire .38 special or .357 magnum from a revolver that will fire .357 magnum, but not the other way around.

How far can 357 magnum shoot?

There are too many factors that determine how far a bullet can travel to say with any accuracy how any one particular bullet will travel. For pistol bullets, most people say the average is about a mile.

Any news about a Smith and Wesson model 586-3 357 caliber id?

L frame, blue steel revolver in 357 Magnum