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it depends because special defense is defense against special attacks like secret power but defense defends against any moves apart from special type moves(they are quite rare).

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Q: Is defense or special defense more important in Pokemon?
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What do the natures in Pokemon Pearl mean?

From 3rd generation on, Pokemon have natures. Natures influence how your Pokemon grows and what Pokeblocks it likes. A Pokeblock will affect your Pokemon's Contest condtion. A Pokeblock that your Pokemon likes will affect it much more than a Pokeblock it feels neutral about; and a Pokeblock it feel neutral about will affect it more than a Pokeblock it dislikes.Flavors:Spicy = CoolSour = ToughDry = BeautyBitter = SmartSweet = CuteIndividual Natures:Adamant = Attack+/Special Attack- Spicy+/Dry-Brave = Attack+/Speed- Spicy+/Sweet-Lonely = Attack+/Defense- Spicy+/Sour-Naughty = Attack+/Special Defense- Spicy+/Bitter-Bold = Defense+/Attack- Sour+/Spicy-Impish = Defense+/Special Attack- Sour+/Dry-Lax = Defense+/Special Defense- Sour+/Bitter-Relaxed = Defense+/Speed- Sour+/Sweet-Mild = Special Attack+/Defense- Dry+/Sour-Modest = Special Attack+/Attack- Dry+/Spicy-Quiet = Special Attack+/Speed- Dry+/Sweet-Rash = Special Attack+/Special Defense- Dry+/Bitter-Calm = Special Defense+/Attack- Bitter+/Spicy-Careful = Special Defense+/Special Attack Bitter+/Dry-Gentle = Special Defense+/Defense- Bitter+/Sour-Sassy = Special Defense+/Speed- Bitter+/Sweet-Hasty = Speed+/Defense- Sweet+/Sour-Jolly = Speed+/Special Attack- Sweet+/Dry-Naive = Speed+/Special Defense- Sweet+/Bitter-Timid = Speed+/Attack- Sweet+/Spicy-Serious, Quirky, Bashful, and Docile = Neutral Neutral

Wtich is better kingler or hitmontop in Pokemon?

It depends on what you're looking for. While Kingler is a physically oriented water-type (130 base attack, 115 base defense), Hitmontop is a more rounded fighting Pokemon (95 base attack and defense, 110 base special defense).

Which is most important to an NFL team offense defense or special teams?

All three are equally important. It only takes one play to change the makeup of a game, to score the points that eventually win the game, or give up the points that eventually lose the game. Since the offense and defense play more than the special teams it could be said that offense and defense are more important because they have more chances to make plays that determine the outcome of the game. But one need think no further than Devin Hester to realize that special teams can influence the outcome of a game just as much as the offense and defense.

Which Pokemon is better huntail or goreybass in Pokemon ruby?

huntail has more attack and gorebyss has more defense

Is luxray the best electric Pokemon?

It is a powerful electric pokemon, with a relatively high attack and special attack stat. Like all pokemon, it has its flaws, with low defense and special defense. A Luxray can be more powerful if you teach it more electric TMs. It has great potential, unlike Richu, who peaks in power with Pikachu, or pacharisu, who is a single evolution. Plus, Luxray has the intimidate ability, which lowers the opponents attack stat. I hope this provides people with knowledge of this electric pokemon. Other electric pokemon are powerful too, but luxray is highly recommended because of his attack stats.

What is the difference between manaphy and phione?

A manaphy has more hp, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed. A Phione has just about the same attack. Obviously the manaphy is the better choice.

How do you get the special ferry ticket to the special islands where you get legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

this requires you to have attended a special Nintendo event(s) or much more conveniently to use gameshark or action replay codes

Can mental defect be use as an defense in a arson case?

Sure, if you and your lawyer want to go that route. The more important question is,can that defense be successful.

Is offense more important than defense in basketball?

No, offense is not more important than defense in basketball. There will be nights where your shot will be off, and it will seem like nothing is falling for you. As a player you can't control whether the shots are falling...but you CAN control whether your defense is good or not. Defensive intensity can be regulated, but the number of shots that will fall in the game cannot be controlled. Defense will always be present.

What does the special attribute affect in Pokemon Yellow?

it gives more power to the pokemons elemental attacks. example: If you got a fire Pokemon and improves the special ability.. the pokemons fire attacks does more damage.. but attacks that arent fire does not

What is the perfect Pokemon team black?

I am about to start playing Pokemon Black 2 and I was thinking of my team, I decided t ogo with Samurott,Lucario and Electivire but can you guys help me pick the other 3 pokemons to have my team balanced ( no legendaries)

In Pokemon HeartGold what is sp attack?

Sp attack is Special Attack. The greater a Pokemon's special attack the more damage will be done when using a special attack. If you go into a Pokemon's summary screen and look at the moves screen and select them with the stylus the red and yellow symbol is a physical attack and the purple wave looking one denotes a special attack.