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if there is a special event about the ninja's,you could find him any where.

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Q: How do you find sensei on clubpenguin?
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How do you download clubpenguin sensei background?

You have to find the Sensei and put his profile and click on a box on the bar below.

What is clubpenguin sensei id?

Sensei is his ID

Who is the oldest penguin in clubpenguin?


What is clubpenguin sensei password 2012?


How do you get sensei background in clubpenguin?

you need to meet sensei and click get free item/background Save

When is sensei's next visit on clubpenguin?

Dojo courtyard

What is sensis password for clubpenguin?

only sensei knows

What is clubpenguin sensei item id that is not bait?

Iten 14

When will sensei come to clubpenguin 2011?

Sensei came on club penguin November 2011 at the card - jitsu party.

Where is sensie in frozen on clubpenguin?

Sensei is not currently online on club penguin.....

How do you defeat the mission the vegetable villain in club penguin?

his pass is clubpenguin sensei

Clubpenguin how to tipe like sensei's account?

its just an Image y do you beleve that