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it cant flee when it is asleep and wild

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Q: Can a wild Pokemon flee when it is asleep?
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If you put the Pokemon with arena trap and take it out can the foe still not flee?

You need the Pokemon with arena trap in battle or the wild Pokemon can flee

What are smoke balls in Pokemon?

Smoke Balls are items that your Pokemon can hold to escape from a battle in the wild.Game description:DescriptionGSCEscape from wild Pokémon. (HOLD)RSEA hold item that assures fleeing from a wild Pokémon.FRLGAn item to be held by a Pokémon. The holding Pokémon can flee from any wild Pokémon for sure.DPPtHGSSAn item to be held by a Pokémon. It enables the holder to flee from any wild Pokémon without fail.BWAn item to be held by a Pokémon. It enables the holder to flee from any wild Pokémon without fail.

Where can you find an item that prevents pokemon from fleeing in Firered?

you can ether have move like mean look or you can have a wobbufet. He has an ability that the wild pokemon can't flee

Does Entei flee in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes, Entei does flee. After your first move, Entei will flee the scene. However, if your Pokemon is at a higher level than Entei (level 41 or higher) and has a move or ability to prevent wild Pokemon from escaping (for example, a level 42 Golbat that knows Mean Look), Entei cannot escape until the higher leveled Pokemon faints or is switched out.

In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire If A Wild Pokemon Is Asleep Can It Still Use Up Pp?

No, turns where a Pokemon is sleeping does not use up PP. This applies both to the player's Pokemon and the opposing Pokemon.

What can you do with a pokewalker?

You can gain exp as you walk chose to battle or flee from wild pokemon, and to catch them. you can even find items and rarely TMs.

Pokemon FireRed how to catch Pokemon?

first you need to go to the store and buy pokeballs. Then go fight a wild Pokemon. Once the wild Pokemon is low health go to items then click pokeball and you will throw it at the Pokemon. If the wild has low health it will be captured not really i had a Pokemon asleep and injured in red area and used an ultra ball 20 times and it didnt catch it

Were can you find a wild chansey in Pokemon FireRed?

Wild Chansey are found in the Safari Zone. It's a rare encounter and is difficult to catch, along with the fact that it can flee at any time during the encounter.

What happens if you flee from one of the regis in Pokemon ruby?

If you flee from one of the Regis in Pokemon Ruby it will disappear from the game. This is the same for all Legendary Pokemon in all Pokemon games. The Roaming Legendary Pokemon are an exception as they can flee from battle without disappearing.

Is teleport good in Pokemon Yellow?

Teleport can do the following: - flee from a wild Pokemon battle - switch out in a trainer battle - teleport you to the Pokemon centre you used last It's a handy move until you get fly if you don't want to walk back to the city you were just at but really you can run from most wild battles and switch Pokemon manually anyway.

Does mean look stop Entei in popkemon silver?

Yes, but unless he is also asleep/paralyzed/confused (the last two are incredibly luck based), he will just use roar, making your Pokemon flee.

How can you flee Pokemon in platinum while playing in emulator?

use your mouse to click flee...