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Yes, but unless he is also asleep/paralyzed/confused (the last two are incredibly luck based), he will just use roar, making your Pokemon flee.

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Q: Does mean look stop Entei in popkemon silver?
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How would you prevent Entei from running on the firste turn?

Try getting a Pokemon that knows Hypnosis and make Entei fall asleep. If it wakes up, use Hypnosis again or use something like Thunder Wave to paralyze it. While it's asleep, if your Pokemon knows Mean Look, use Mean Look and then Entei can't escape. Don't switch out your Pokemon, because if you do, Mean Look will wear off and Entei will be able to escape.

Can you catch Entei with a level 11 gastly?

Entei is a powerful Fire-type legendary; however, it mainly flees in Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Heartgold, and SoulSilver. It wouldn't hit your Gastly, unless Mean Look is used. You can catch Entei with any Pokemon, because it just requires at least a Poke Ball to attempt to catch it. Be careful, though, if Entei doesn't run or get caught, it can easily defeat Gastly.

What does Entei mean in English?

Entei in Japanese could mean 'gardener' and also 'dam, dike'.

How do you get Entei to stop flee in Pokemon soulsilver?

you can't permanately get entei to stop fleeing, but you can use mean look(crobat and golbat and jynx can learn it),fight entei with a Pokemon that has shadow tag(wynaut and wobbufet)or fight entei with a Pokemon with arena trap (diglett and dugtrio,but has to be from diglett's cave,which is in kanto)

Does Entei flee in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes, Entei does flee. After your first move, Entei will flee the scene. However, if your Pokemon is at a higher level than Entei (level 41 or higher) and has a move or ability to prevent wild Pokemon from escaping (for example, a level 42 Golbat that knows Mean Look), Entei cannot escape until the higher leveled Pokemon faints or is switched out.

How do you get Entei in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you use mean look then through master balls use them or use a utra ball.

What Pokemon can learn roar?

Entei learned roar, you have to catch it with mean look because if you don't do dat he fled. You have to buy 40 ultraballs because it is not easy to catch him. En then you have roar. Entei is lvl 40

How do you catch a Entei or raikou in soul silver without the master ball?

weaken it to red heath and then put in to sleep and use a ultra ball and hold l+ab+follow the pokeball movementbut before all of that use mean look so he can't escape

What Pokemon have mean look in soul silver?

haunter does

What are the legendary Pokemon's from LeafGreen through silver?

if u mean a list of legendarys in Pokemon leaf green & silver than here u go zapdos, articouno, moltres, mewtwo, mew, suicuine, raikou, ENTEI!!! ho-oh, lugia & celebi srry if i missed one if u mean Pokemon that are from silver in leaf green then u can get raikou, suicuine or entei the one u get depends on which Pokemon u started of with: bulbasaur= eintei squirtle=rakiuo suicune=charmander hope that helps

Why is it that when I try to attack an Entei on Pokemon crystal it flees and doesnt do any damage on it?

Entei, Raikou and Suicune or "The three dogs" appear on silver based on the starter you choose, do you may only catch one. As for running away, I guess that's to make it more difficult to get as it is a legendary. They always flee on the first turn. Try using a master ball on use mOves like mean look that prevents the Pokemon from escaping

How do you capture Entei and raikou and Suicune in soulsiver?

First you got to capture gastly then train it in till it learns mean look then go find those three legendary Pokemon's but you got to get entei or raikou first because when you meet suicune it will run away and sometimes entei and raikou can still run when you use mean look an you need mean look to attack it then capture it when it's hp is low and keep trowing all the pokeballs you got so they can be tired and then you can capture it like i did but if you use ultra ball on it when it has low hp it will still not work because when i did it the ultraball on one of the legendary Pokemon it did not move and the legendary Pokemon got free and ran away cause i deleted my mean look on accident.