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Yes but you can use the attack mean look and it won't run. Golbat learns it at level 38.

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Q: Will raikou and Entei still run away after the first turn?
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How do you catch a fleeing Pokémon in FireRed?

If its a Pokemon that runs away like entei, raikou and suicune weaken it when you find it when it shows up again it will still be weak now throw a ultra ball if you fail keep trying!

How do you catch Entei?

If you've already scattered the Legendary Dogs, then Entei will be wandering with Raikou across Johto. Your Pokegear has a map with their heads on it - where the head's located, that's where a Dog is. You have to be on the same route with Entei, then just wander in the grass until he appears. He may move, in which case you'll have to follow them to the next route. I suggest a Pokemon with an ability that will prevent Entei from fleeing, as well as possibly a status ailment and obviously something to knock its health down with. Although if you use a move that keeps him from running, he'll use roar to get away

Are there legendary Pokemon in FireRed?

Yes, five: Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo, and ONE of the Johto Legendary Trio (entei, raikou, or suicune) the johto legend depends on the starter you choose. Also, Deoxys, Lugia, and Ho-oh were given away in events.

How can you catch Entei without master ball?

Entei can be captured without the Master Ball however it's much more difficult. Once you find Entei attack it and it should run away. Now you must find it again when it appears its HP should still be lowered so now is your chance to capture it with any other ball you have.

How do you get Entei and Raikou in HeartGold and SoulSilver?

1.use your pokegear then find them 2.when you find him walk [if you fly they will run away] 3.if you have a pokemon that knows mean look then use it 4. attack usind false swipe 4. captureyou have to run into them in the wild grass they show up on pokegear map

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How do you capture Entei and raikou and Suicune in soulsiver?

First you got to capture gastly then train it in till it learns mean look then go find those three legendary Pokemon's but you got to get entei or raikou first because when you meet suicune it will run away and sometimes entei and raikou can still run when you use mean look an you need mean look to attack it then capture it when it's hp is low and keep trowing all the pokeballs you got so they can be tired and then you can capture it like i did but if you use ultra ball on it when it has low hp it will still not work because when i did it the ultraball on one of the legendary Pokemon it did not move and the legendary Pokemon got free and ran away cause i deleted my mean look on accident.

What do you do after you free the three pokemon?

What three Pokémon are u talkin' about? Entei, Raikou, and Suicune? You would go left of Ecruteak City, towards Olivine City. Entei and Raikou can now be caught in the wild at level 40. They will run away whenever you find them, however. You have one turn to attack, then they flee. (You can still find them in the wild; they arent gone forever).

How do you catch a fleeing Pokémon in FireRed?

If its a Pokemon that runs away like entei, raikou and suicune weaken it when you find it when it shows up again it will still be weak now throw a ultra ball if you fail keep trying!

Where do you get raikou at on FireRed?

yes you can get those Pokemon on firered. if you chose charmander as ur starter the you can only get suicune if you chose chose squirtle then you can only get raikou and if you chose bulbasaur then you can only get entei these Pokemon appear randomly and will run away on the first turn unless you capture it or if you have a Pokemon facing it that prevents running away i caught my suicune with a masterball

In Pokemon SoulSilver how do you catch raikou?

Once you have made the three rare Pokemon flee from the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City, two of the Pokemon's faces will appear on your map on the Pokegear and you can chase them down and battle them like regular Pokemon. You will have to catch them with regular poke-balls.

What area is Suicune in LeafGreen?

It depends on your starter. for Raikou: Squirtle Entei: Bulbasaur Suicune: Charmander They come in the wild after you finish the league. But beware: After one move they run away so keep your masterball ready.

Where can you find Entei in soul silver?

if you go to the burned tower in eckreteak city raikou suicune and entei will be there if you go down the ladder in the back they will all flee you dont get to battle them after that raikou and entei will roam around johto and you can see their locations on the pokegear map you dont get to fight suicune until later in the game

Where is Entei's located on Pokemon Crystal?

Unfortunately, Entei has no set location in Pokemon Crystal - he always moves around. The only time you really 'see' him is in the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City (4th badge). Once you enter the tower, go left, up, right, and down until you see your rival. Battle him. Once you've defeated him, you will fall to the bottom floor. There will be Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. You won't be able to battle any of them, but they'll jump around you and make their leave. After that, it's up to you to find Raikou and Entei. Usually you'll see them at times you don't expect it on your adventure, but once you see them, you'll have their location in your Pokedex at all times. If you've seen Entei, for example, them go to your Pokedex and see where he is. Go to the area and walk around in tall grass. Use a repel or super repel to keep Pokemon at low levels away - Entei is the only Pokemon you care about. After a while, check where he is again and repeat. Once you do see him, though, either use a Master Ball or put him to sleep. Entei and Raikou always flee at first chance, and then you have to do it all over again.

Where do you find raikou in SoulSilver?

you have to go to the burned tower in Ecruteak city and go down the ladder and entei, suicune , and raikou will be standing in the middle of the bottom floor and then they will run away and then you can randomly encounter them all (except suicune) in tall grass they will also be on your pokegear. dont fly when trying to encounter they will run to the other side of the regoin

Why is it that when I try to attack an Entei on Pokemon crystal it flees and doesnt do any damage on it?

Entei, Raikou and Suicune or "The three dogs" appear on silver based on the starter you choose, do you may only catch one. As for running away, I guess that's to make it more difficult to get as it is a legendary. They always flee on the first turn. Try using a master ball on use mOves like mean look that prevents the Pokemon from escaping

How do you catch landorus and thunderous in Pokemon white?

Thunderous, Is The (Raikou, Suicune, And Entei) Of The Unova Region (In White Version). It Runs Away Every Time You Enter Battle With It, So Save Your Master Ball For It. But You Can Only Get It AFTER You Beat The Elite 4. The Only Way To Get Landorus Is To Have Both Thunderous, And Tornadus In Your Party And Talk To The Shrine In Which Landorus Is Held... So You Must Trade With Black Version, To Beat The Entire Game. (Tornadus Is The Raikou, Suicune, And Entei Of Black Version).

How do you get a raikou on Pokemon pearl?

in Pokemon soul silver or heart gold if you want to get raikou or entei or siucune go to the bell tower in ecutek city. i know i spellt it wrong. and you go down stairs and talk to some guy they will run away. you can see raikou and entei on your pokegear. suicune just roams around kanto and jhoto.